How NOT To Flirt With Singaporean GirlsĀ Using Texting!

Came across a hilarious article on which is a local site for all sorts of “social reports” of people or events who do stuff in public and get taken pictures/videos of and posted online to “shame”.

Most guys in Singapore, for the strangest reason, believe that with SMS, instant messaging chat or texting, that they are “the shit” when it comes to flirting with women.

But when their shit hits the fan.. women will flee to nuclear-warhead-proof bunkers underground in Afghanistan.

First of all… understand the context where the interaction is taking place.

The article we are about to explore.. is hilarious, simply because it’s a woman in her 50s simply looking to sell a book that she does not wish to keep anymore.

You ready…?

Here we go…

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  1. Her replies are short and aside from the “ooh”, indicate no particular romantic interest.
  2. “You look very pretty :)”She’s probably heard that a thousand and twenty-seven times since she was 17. She’s 50 now. She thinks to herself “Sigh.. not another one of those guys”
  3. “Wow! You maintain so well!” – yep.. keep complimenting her when she’s not even responding to the first attempt.
  4. When she mentions that she’s not had a chance to read it… he thinks he’s being really cheeky with “previous gem”. – No, Mr Suave-Flirt-Manly-Creep. She’s selling it. Ain’t no precious gem.
  5. “I’ve many health book” – lol.. just another one collecting dust on her shelf.

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  1. Assuming from her last message in first pic, she doesn’t want to meet to trade, but to mail it, hence the “Very tired” – plus you’re a certified creep.
  2. “Sure if you like it that way šŸ™‚ “Right… that smiley is so sexy and such a turn-on for her. It’s just creepy to women when the overall frame of the interaction isn’t romantic, to begin with.
  3. “Which hospital do u work at?” – What has that got to do with selling the book? Look dude, she’s just looking to get rid of an old cook book you seem to claim interest in purchasing.
  4. “Got to go. Mt e. At novena.” – That’s just general info, don’t think too much into it.
  5. “Maybe meet u up for coffee some day” – Based on what grounds… the sexy, manly smiley and the 2 other uncalled for compliments that scream “creepy guy… run!” .. ?

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  1. “Wah all your things so cute cute one lol” – She didn’t ask for your comments… and that just strengthens her belief that “definitely a creepy guy” image of you.
  2. “You married?” – What are you, some kind of interrogation police officer? What’s your business asking that when she’s just selling a book and you aren’t funny, sexy, nor even anywhere near that sort of image, besides the creepy guy persona you have cemented yourself with?
  3. “Just waiting for u to transfer $5 hv to wait n wait” – Not only a creepy guy, but one who has no credibility and integrity to make a simple $5 transfer… plus seriously creepy too. Oh wait, I already said that once.

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  1. “Before 11am ok?”1 lifeĀ remaining… player about to be gamed-over (actually when he did that “you look very pretty šŸ™‚ ” shit, he was already gamed-over. He was never a contender.
  2. “Hi before 5pm can?” – Dude… if you aren’t buying, and obviously you aren’t interested in the book in the first place.. go away. She’s got other things in life to manage, besides a few other creepy guys doing something similar too.
  3. “I rush down to atm now from my office.”So the machine is just 5mins away and he took an entire day to attempt to transfer $5. – She hates your guts… oh wait that was when you askedĀ if she wasĀ married… and probably before that question too.


If you are the sort of guy who does this type of “flirting”… guess what… try being in the girl’s shoes for a moment and imagine how that feels.

Let me break it down for you:

  1. You are a complete stranger on an internet trade site.
  2. You send messages that compliment, with an obvious intention that’s beyond the scope of a sale/trade.
  3. You ask questions that are unrelated to the transaction.
  4. You could be an axe-murdering serial stalker rapist whatsoever where she has no way of verifying.

Now why in the right mind would any woman be even remotely turned-on or interested in anything else to do with you?

And sadly… most men think they are the shit when it comes to text flirting.

They never learn.

And they wonder why women reject them… or get repelled by their presence or intentions.

But hey, if you one of those men who do such creepy stuff, and are reading this… you may have a chance to actually learn to do things the more acceptable way, and get positive responses instead.


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Do yourself and all the girls in the world that favor… and save the poor girls from such horrible flirting.

It really turns them off big time.

Empower yourselves, guys. You CAN be that smooth guy in the movies who gets the women effortlessly.

Rooting for you,

Lead Instructor
ModernMan Academy


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