10 Reasons Why Girls In Singapore Breakup With Guys!

(Disclaimer: Our focus in this article is to dive deep and better understand the psychology behind what motivates girls to do what they do… and knowing is winning half the “battle”!)

Where to begin, guys?

Realize this:

Social media is so widespread today… dating websites and mobile apps so easily within reach, girls these days get “hit on” more so than ever compared to 10 years ago!

Even the physical act of “pickup”, and the information on “how to pickup girls”, has become such a norm to thousands of men everywhere in our world today.

Social barriers that used to exist in the 90s or early 2000s no longer have any or the same effect in today’s level of technology and accessibility.

A girl can be easily sent 50-100 Tinder/Paktor messages a day, or chatting with 10 other Facebook  guy “friends” who added her from just a profile pic, or approached on the streets (anywhere else for that matter) 10 times a day, or “hit on” 20 times a night at a club.

Such numbers are mind-numbing to even think about.

And yet an alarming number of these guys have no clue how the “rules of the dating game” work either!

But all these guys have one sole, common purpose… to get laid.

Yeah sure, you can justify your actions with “just looking to make more female friends”, “want to find a serious girlfriend”, “expand your network” etc… end of the day, sexual needs are real and daily-present.

Put yourself in the shoes of a girl today.

Would you have so much time to respond and interact with that many guys everyday?

To the defence of men, women are JUST as sex-craving (actually more so if you understand how it works)… however, they crave it with more tact, discretion, subtlety, and simply have a larger pool of “choices” to select from.

So without further talk, let’s dive into the 10 reasons why girls in Singapore breakup with guys!

Reason #1

The relationship has gotten boring, stale, predictable, and stable… to the point that when someone more interesting and refreshing comes along in real life, or when she gets a random message from either social medium listed above, meets someone from her old school contacts via Facebook etc… and poof, she’s gone.

Reason #2

The guy started out awesome from learning some “pickup technique”, experience some initial success and positive responses from girls, then falls back into his “original” nice-guy self. Girl gets bored, which becomes worse when she tries to leave as he becomes extremely needy and begs for her to give him a second chance.

Reason #3

He was just a rebound, and she was still longing for that last “bad boy” who dumped her. She either returns to this “bad boy”, or finds someone better than the current rebound guy. In some cases, these replacement substitutes can sometimes be someone in the “Friend Zone”, but probably just temporary (he got lucky) till she moves on. He’s probably paying her way for stuff too.

Reason #4

Her last boyfriend was actually a really awesome guy, but she just couldn’t help herself from old habits of party life or her former lifestyles surrounded by other guys… kept rocking the relationship… got dumped by him… she then regrets her actions… promises to change, then proceeds to dump this current replacement boyfriend, and manages to get back together with the awesome chap… but old habits die hard. Cycle repeats.

Reason #5

She was young when she got into the relationship, but when the later part of teen/ adulthood kicked in, meeting more interesting people in life, and combined with the current ease-of-contact, decides it’s time she moved on.

Reason #6

She was really just out to leech, parasite on, drain and empty the guy for his money, and once he fails to upkeep and sustain the relationship based on money… she finds someone richer and leaves. But you can’t quite blame these category of girls for wanting a decent lifestyle, or wanting to “trade up”. (Beware… many girls on Tinder/Paktor are blatantly proud of the fact that they can score freebies from lots of guys.)

Reason #7

The guy is horribly awful in bed. The girl may probably have experienced better sex in life, and clearly will not be satisfied by this current relationship. She will subtly find the sex elsewhere, and keep the relationship “stable as it is”. This is a standard situation in many marital affairs. Sex is a basic primal need that overrides logic and stability/security.

Reason #8

The guy stops leading in the relationship and becomes a wussy/ pussy instead. This pussification process results in her making all the decisions in the relationship, and he no longer plans ahead for things. It just gets to the point she starts to look elsewhere, which is just a tap away on her mobile phone.

Reason #9

She was simply using the relationship for temporary sexual fulfilment, until someone better comes along. The guy just got lucky and was in the “right place at the right time”… till she leaves.

Reason #10

The guy got “lucky” through some social circle introduction or online interaction, became a “convenient choice” for the moment to the girl. In most cases, this guy isn’t exactly always improving himself to become better in life… and she eventually disappears because it was Reason #1 to start the relationship with.


In all cases, every reason presented simply leads back to the guy being at fault.


Wasn’t quite expecting that, eh?

If the guy knew the dating rules, understood female psychology, had what it takes to keep her sexually satisfied, and is constantly improving himself in life… he would have a solid foundation to attract, meet, and keep the right girl in his life. 

He would always lead, maintain attraction, and sustain his relationship(s).


If you thought that this article was meant to make women seem like the guilty party… it really isn’t.

Only a tiny majority of cases of cheating are due to the girl having severe issues that she has to get handled.

It’s almost always the guy who caused it.

But here’s the good news:

You can learn to be the quality guy that every single girl out there is really looking for.

Stop blaming women for “cheating” and learn to be your improved version 2.0 self! 

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