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15 Ways To Pimp Your Lifestyle & Attract More Women!

(Disclaimer: The suggested activities are meant to first improve yourself. Focus on getting good in it, rather than looking to meet girls at the beginning. Women can sense if a guy is doing it because he’s genuinely interested in his pursuit first… or doing it simply to “get girls”. At least have some interest in the choice that you make, or you’ll end up back to square one, and labeled as creepy weird loser!)

FACT of Life: When you get really good at something… many doors and possibilities in life open up. That leads to all kinds of exciting options in life.

Geek Speak: You first need the grind from level 0 to level 10 with a broad sword +1… to see what’s at level 11 onwards! Enjoy the grind!

Add Value and Lots of Fun To Your Own Life… And Then Her’s.

Most men try to fill the void in their lives by chasing women, but sadly, women want a man who’s got stuff going on in his life, technically “not needing her” in his life, but would be a nice bonus to have quality female company. This is attraction marketing at its best! Women want a challenge, not a pushover, needy guy who reeks of desperation.

Here Are 13 Awesome Ways To Be A Man of Substance… Pick Your “Poison”!

#1. Ice Skating

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Why Ice Skating? 

Spinning on ice? Perform jumps and stunts? Very impressive!

Socially: Great way to break the ice (pun intended), and girls enjoy a good lead and teacher. Imagine inviting a girl out…to teach her some basic ice skating techniques… simply pure fun!

#2. Mixed Martial Arts/ Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu / Krav Maga / Aikido

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Why Martial Arts? 

Self-defence skills.

Socially: Can provide a genuine sense of security to women, just don’t seek out brainless brawls to showoff. Quiet confidence is the name of the game. You can snap a guy’s neck in a second, but will not resort to violence.

#3. AcroYoga

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Why AcroYoga? 

Learning control over breathing, body, spiritual mind and soul.

Socially: It’s all about building trust… and that’s one of the key foundations of a good relationship.

#4. Salsa Dancing… (or Bachata/ Kizomba/ Lambada Zouk/ Lindy Hop/ Argentine Tango/ West Coast Swing, etc)

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Why Salsa Dancing? 

Teaches you to lead women firmly, yet gently.

Socially: Women want to be swept off their feet. You can become that guy who does that. Travel to world-wide festivals and make friends and connections!

#5. Pole Acrobatics

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Why Pole Acrobatics? 

Teaches you muscle control in areas you never thought were possible.

Socially: Most women will be very impressed by a man who is unafraid to embrace the pole (stereotypically a woman’s domain) and is super athletic on it! Do it because it’s challenging, and a lot more fun than going to the gym!

#6. Aerial Silk/ Circus Arts

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Why Aerial Silk? 

Similar to Pole Acrobatics. Teaches you muscle control in areas you never thought were possible.

Socially: Definitely more fun than gym, and also a very impressive skill to possess!

#7. Flowboarding

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Why Flowboarding? 

Master the “seas”.

Socially: Fun, Sun, Bikini Babes? Nuff said.

#8. Artisan Bakery

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Why Artisan Bakery? 

Crafting awesome food with your hands. The kitchen is the domain of men.

Socially: Healthier choices of food and better health!

#9. Motorsports Drifting

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Why Motorsports Drifting? 

Tame the beast of a machine.

Socially: Fast Cars and hot chicks… everyone knows Fast & Furious!

#10. Nude Photography

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Why Nude Photography? 

Art, and an eye for beauty in the nude perspective.

Socially: A subject that most women would be very curious to find out more about! Just don’t be a dumbass about it.

#11. Sky Diving

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Why Sky Diving? 

Master the art of flying without wings.

Socially: Everyone wants to give it a go, yes?

#12. Scuba Diving

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Why Scuba Diving? 

Now master the underseas.

Socially: Underwater selfies, anyone?

#13. Private Pilot’s License

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Why A Private Pilot’s License? 

Take to the skies. Freedom in the air.

Socially: Hey Barbie… wanna go for a ride… in my jet?


THIS 2015… Your One Job Now… Pick one!

Make it an obsession for the next 90 days – read up, research, go deep. Scratching the surface and just having a “try” for a week won’t cut it. No passion is ever developed from a quick taste of things. Interest… maybe. Passion… NO. Passion comes from a deep involvement in any single activity for prolonged periods of time. Watch youtube videos of others in that specific area, google for websites that offer detailed info, read, learn and absorb everything. And most importantly, find a good mentor online or offline. It’s a huge shortcut to learn from other’s experience and mistakes. You pay peanuts, you get chimpanzees! 


Invest in yourself. The payoff in the next 365 days will be ten-fold. It’s really not about the women, first. It’s your own life that is lacking that needs to first be value-added, before women start to see you as an attractive person to want to hang out with.

Enjoy the process, and potentially meet more people to network with when you start, and as you progress!

Talk to the instructors, find out how they got to where they are. Ask the right questions and see if they are where YOU want to be!

Becoming an instructor in any of these areas and skills… will make you an authority and give you immense confidence and control over life, which will also spill over into every other area.

If you pick any of these activities to go into… 100% of the time, you will meet new women. It’s a natural part of stepping out of your comfort zone, and stepping up to evolve yourself. Doing what you’ve always been doing hasn’t exactly worked to widen your network nor social circles the way you want in terms of meeting women, has it?


NOTE: If you found this useful, and need an even more detailed plan of action to take from meeting to dating a girl, you definitely want to check out this post “If “Dating Girls” Is A Subject Taught In Singapore Schools!”… click here!



If you’re overweight, go seek out role models to lose weight.

If you’re underweight and scrawny, eat right and get ripped.

If you’re financially a mess, get creative, find work and get money.

Be creative and offer a potential investor/employer something in return for your time. No one will employ someone who’s just trying to clock the hours and get some cash for it. If an employer is savvy, he will recognise positive traits of a go-getter and fighter.

(Use and inspire yourself for business ideas to generate cash from crowdfunding. Many aspiring Singaporean entrepreneurs have started their own businesses with this kickass site!)

If you have “no time”… then make time. Nothing will change if you don’t make that change to invest in yourself. No time is the worst excuse of all, which demonstrates a lousy management of your energy.

No excuses. No bullshit. Enough is enough!


MAN UP… and quality women will just enter your life as a result.

I hope this article has inspired you off your ass to invest in yourself something serious.

Empower yourselves, guys!

Lead Instructor
ModernMan Academy


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