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14 Ways To Melt A Girl’s Heart This Valentine’s Day!

(Disclaimer: This post is meant for those men who are interested to turn a romantic interest into a long-term girlfriend, and less catered to those who are already in a relationship, although many principles still apply!)

Girls will hang out with you on Valentine’s Day for 3 main reasons:

  1. They just want some male company (who may possibly be paying their way) to make them feel wanted and special – may or may not lead into a relationship depending on what happens during the date… 50% chance.
  2. They had no one else ask them out, and just settled for you when you asked – their girlfriends are all attached or married – best to avoid these and save yourself time and money.
  3. They are interested in you for a serious relationship – most ideal for the guys out there looking for that.

Dating a girl on Valentine’s Day is a double-edge sword.

It may indicate to the girl you are seriously looking for a relationship, so don’t lead her on if it isn’t so.

A girl willing to hang out with a guy during this period is obvious that she’s very likely looking for a boyfriend as well.

Otherwise.. It’s probably a better idea to just hang out with the guys and catch “50 Shades of Grey” at the theatre and learn some stuff about female psychology. There’s a good reason why women read it and why it’s a best-seller.

And definitely make sure she’s somewhat interested in you as well, and not just taking pity on you, or because she’s bored that day.. and you’re indirectly offering to pay for stuff by saying “let me take you out to dinner” etc. Otherwise, the 14 things you do will be deemed creepy and totally wrong. You were warned.

The following applies to day or night dates – some guys prefer to do their Romeo story in the day, or you could be a student on a budget and preferring to avoid the masses in the evening (obviously smarter way to do it without spending an atom bomb on those evil merchants).

Okay… here we go!

#1. Be decisive.

Lead, not follow. She’s not wearing a skirt for a reason. Men lead. Women follow. If you can’t even decide where to go, what to eat, or things to do, she’s obviously going to feel stupid for agreeing to hang out and waste her once-a-year day with you.

#2. Have a plan.

Know where you are going. Check the place(s) out in advance before the day. Talk to the staff and get to know them if you need to. Knowing people at any establishment (bar/restaurant/retail outlet) will give off a different impression than just being any-other-patron and not someone special. Social proof works wonders for attraction-building.

#3. DIY gifts

Make her something instead of buying some commercially available gift. Google for DIY Valentine’s Day gifts. There a million and one ideas you can use. Don’t be lazy and get some stupid stuff toy off the shelf… any guy can do that. Nothing special at all.

#4. Be conversationally-savvy.

Avoid any negative conversation or past “baggage”, but talk about fun in the future together, e.g. suggest new and fun places to explore, hangout, etc.

#5. Be memorable.

There are thousands of photo and video apps on iTunes and Play store. Install a few of the popular ones, and be familiar with their applications. Do silly, fun, cute and memorable things together… and make sure you record them!

#6. Stages and moods.

Know when to switch gears on the date, from being fun, to having deeper connection conversation, to romance, or even leading up to holding hands and making out. Each step should be smooth and not overly try-hard nor awkward.

#7. Be prepared to pay for stuff.

Don’t be a cheapskate el cheapo and expect to go dutch or ask the girl to pay if you ask her out on this day. We certainly DO NOT recommend going to costly restaurants and pay 75% more than usual on a day like this, and there are a lot of budget-friendly places that you can take her. The idea isn’t to impress with $, Einstein. Tons of guys who have a lot of money do that and get nowhere.

#8. Get her to invest.

Maintain a decent balance of give and take. If you are paying for a meal, suggest that she buys the ice cream from McDonald’s for dessert. It’s not how much it costs that matters, but that she “invests” in the interaction and relationship as well. Free stuff is simply taken for granted, and treated as a dime-a-dozen.

#9. Make use of your ride.

If you drive, avoid going to overrated and overpriced restaurants. Be creative and prepare your own bite-sized picnic basket. You can always buy some of the items instead of having to cook/make them all by yourself. Take her to less congested areas and far away from crowds, so you can properly spend the time and get to know each other better and set the mood right. Take a cab there if you have to!

#10. Take her to the right places.

Avoid places like clubs, bars and pubs where it’s meant to have people socialize and meet new people.  It’s not the time and place to go on such a day, when her focus is not entirely on you, and others have a chance at trying their “luck” with her. You want quality “you-and-I-time”.

#11. Get busy in the kitchen with her.

Invite her over to whip up a meal together, or simply be confident enough to handle the entire operation by yourself. Chocolate-covered strawberries are usually a winner for dessert. Get busy YouTubing how to do it!

#12. Gauge her response.

You aren’t just following a scripted plan. Always pay close attention to how her mood is during the date. Find the right time to escalate the moments which will progressively turn up the chemistry and lead to a desired outcome that you have. Be careful not to over-analyze everything and end up not enjoying the moments!

#13. Be prepared if you’re inviting her home.

Is the bed made? Toilet scrubbed? Are the proper items that should be displayed or removed from sight done so? Women are particular with these details. Have you got protection on standby? Do you have refreshments and finger-food ready? If you are certain that she’s coming over, you best make sure you are ready.

#14. Have wild sex.

Learn the art of dirty talk. Watch or read 50 Shades of Grey. Women want to surrender to passion in the bedroom, and only show her wildest side to the man who makes her feel safe to do so. Lead, and she will follow. In the end of the day, it’s all about sex!


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Again… Google & YouTube are your best friends. Learn to use them to find the off-beat & unique places in your Singapore (or your country) that you can bring her to, that makes you the special guy that’s different from the 999 guys who are horribly uncreative and lazy to put in some thinking work.

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