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20 Fatal Reasons Why Men Don’t Get 2nd Dates!

(Disclaimer: If it’s painful reading this… it’s meant to be. Wake up, or just keep sleeping. Tough love required.)

#1. Worshipping her every move

Women want to feel sexy, but not feel like they are being worshipped only for their looks and not given any credit for their personality. Keep treating her like some princess from royalty… and behaving like some lower-value servant is definitely very manly and sexy. Very… not.

#2. Not decently groomed or stylish

Sloppy guys make for sloppy lovers. Got nose and ear hair sticking around? Good luck, boys. Looking like you have no clue about style or fashion? She isn’t going to feel proud standing next to you, genius.

#3. Not appreciating her personality

It’s all about tits and ass, huh? Well guess what… you aren’t getting any. She’s not a prostitute just for sex and your carnal desires.

#4. Too braggy and showing off personal achievements and possessions

Yeah… keep talking about that awesome high paying job, the expensive car you drive, and the countries that you visited. Keep talking as if you own half the planet’s wealth. Oh wait… she’s not listening anymore.

#5. Complimenting her with flattery too much

Do you seriously mean it? Or it’s just a genius strategy to get into her pants? She’s not stupid. Tape yourself and play it back, and imagine it was you that you are talking to. Awesome.

#6. Too touchy too soon in the wrong way

If she’s not attracted to you, and you’re all over her in the wrong way… it’s game over, bro. Too fast too furious is reserved for the big screen and Paul Walker. Not you.

#7. Needy and insecure questioning

She has friends, and obviously many guy friends too. If you feel insecure about them and keep asking questions, and showing that you can’t be at peace with her reality, she can’t be at peace with you either.

#8. Interview mode

Did you also forget to ask about her favourite colour of socks too? Or how often she does her laundry and what she had for breakfast 3 days ago? Time to learn how to converse with interesting stuff… It isn’t an interrogation session!

#9. Sleazy talk, trying to force the topic of sex without comfort and trust

Girls LOVE talking about sex… but apparently not with you.. cos it’s weird, sleazy and just feels completely unnatural. Keep trying those innuendos when her face is already cringing with pain.

#10. Emotional baggage and sad stories

You’re already sharing how badly affected the last breakup was for you, and how bitchy that last ex was? Or how long ago it was since you dated? Red flag raised and major waving in her face.

#11. Nothing to bring to the table

So what else have you got going on in your life besides your dead-beat job and boring ass lifestyle of “watching TV” or mobile phone games? She has better options and better quality men to meet… definitely. Next.

#12. Boring, not fun

Playing it safe by being nice all the time? That’s exactly why she prefers the guys who are edgy, unpredictable, and have that touch of bad-boy danger in them. Nice guys don’t finish last. They never got started.

#13. Not memorable in a positive way

99% of men are not memorable to her. Same shit repeated over and over. She filters that out really fast. She’s learned to! Ain’t nobody got time for bullshit.

#14. Predictable like the 999 others guys

Same old, same old. Where to go? Movies and dinner. Sounds pretty exciting to me. Aren’t you the extremely excited one… and only you are? She hardly is.

#15. Not leading and indecisive

You asked her out so she can lead you on a date? She’s a woman for a reason. Perhaps you may fancy wearing the skirt on sale at the local thrift shop as well. And shop for lingerie at the same time.. time to ditch those pants and briefs.

#16. Calculative with dollars and cents

Sure, she makes good money at work, but if 99 cents is a big deal to you… you aren’t a big deal to her, anymore.

#17. Not teasing her enough to build “chemistry”

Your idea of building chemistry is talking about the actual chemistry subject? You may want to try “Are you CUrium & TEllurium… cos you are CuTe.” That, at least, gets a laugh.

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#18. Being an arrogant jerk and full of himself

If you haven’t realized by now… the world is filled with billions of people. You aren’t the center of it all. Time to stop talking so much and actually listen to her and her outlook of life. 2 ears, 1 mouth is for a reason.

#19. Not a gentleman

Equality? No, doesn’t exist here. Learn to open those doors, pulling those chairs and walking the outside of pavements. It’s just basic chivalry.

#20. Go for the kiss at the end of date without any chemistry developing

Even Sherlock Holmes has no clue why that would ever work, or why any guy would attempt a suicidal stunt as such. Logic-defying! If she isn’t comfortable with basic physical touching and hand-holding, it would be when hell freezes over before she lets you kiss her.

There’s really 100 other reasons, but we think these 20 are probably the most clever ones that guarantee the guy gets no second date.

If you really want to learn how to make a date more exciting, memorable, fun and the sort of playful experience a girl wants (with a bad boy), then stop doing these #20 genius moves, and click here to read this article on how to be fun.

Women… if you’re reading this.. don’t shake your heads and be weeping about those horrible first dates. Read this instead!

It’s not rocket science.

I hope some guy reading this has woken up from his own world and learned something here. Red pills are harder to take, but that’s just how the world really works.

Empower yourselves, guys!

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