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3 Guaranteed Tips For Success With Women In Singapore!

Bet you guys are going to love this post.

It’s the holy grail!

The magic pill!

The instant gratification that we all seek!

Actually… no.

It’s not.

I lied about the magic pill.

But if you follow the 3 tips below… you are GUARANTEED a completely different lifestyle as a result.

So without more “hype”…. here it is.

#1 Raise Your Standards

Stop settling for whatever comes your way.

That’s just completely 2nd-class mentality.

It’s ego-deflating, and makes you feel inferior, not in control of your own life, and certainly NOT ATTRACTIVE to women in general.

Don’t keep hoping for that special someone to drop into your lap, when you are not ready for her.

There is NO magic pill.

That magic exists within you, and it’s entirely your own responsibility to use your own abilities to it’s greatest potential.

When you raise your standards, you raise the bar.

When you raise the bar, you have to step up to be a new person altogether.

If it’s comfortable, then you’re cheating yourself big time.

#2 Have Ambition & Don’t Let Anyone Tell You It’s Impossible.

Here’s a secret… women are far more intrigued and interested in a man who’s got ambition and drive.

It’s not necessary to be already successful yet.

It certainly helps if you already are, but it’s not a requirement.

I’m not telling you to lie like a conman. No.

As long as you are genuine about it, and moving your life in the intended direction that you wish, and not letting anything stop you to achieve it.

Major attractive points to quality women.

Drives them wild knowing that a man has a solid purpose in life and is willing to risk arm and limb to attain it.

Success with women then becomes a by-product.

But make sure when it comes to handling the members of the opposite sex, you have what it takes to push the right buttons to make them have the ooh-laa-laahs for you.

Otherwise, what was #2 all for?

#3 Get A Mentor. Period.

Every successful person, has studied someone or some methodology, before achieving a certain level of success that he has gotten to.


Even if it’s trial and error, it has been from some form of observation from elsewhere, or a deliberately-planned guide.

It’s just how human beings learn.

Finding a mentor shortcuts your learning curve, shows you your blindsides that you can’t see on your own, and helps you avoid pitfalls & dream-stealing mistakes that can be painful & deadly.

A mentor who’s dedicated to your success, will push you past your own bullshit limits.

One day, you can and will surpass him.

You choose.


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So What Is Your Legacy?

Here’s something to reflect upon…

What’s the worst thing in life…?

It’s unfair.

And the best thing…?

Its unfair.

Cos otherwise… everyone is billionaire! 

This mindset in itself will serve you very well for as long as you live.

This simply means, go create your own luck.

Go out there and make things happen.

There is no “lucky break”.

Every single successful person has a background and story that shows how events and decisions made in his/her life, has led up to the moment of the “lucky break”, that he took it when he was READY.

If you aren’t ready… hot girl walks by and poof she’s gone.

Sorry bro.

No one will help you if you choose to remain passive, beta, feeling depressed about it and not wanting to get in the trenches to dig hard.

Losers do that. And whine. And complain that life is unfair to them. Keep blaming things and others that they cannot control.

But you’re not one of them cos you’re reading this to the end.

Empower yourself!

Rooting for you,

Lead Instructor
ModernMan Academy


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