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3 Reasons Why “Just Be Yourself” Ruins Your Chances With Women.

Question: If the “Just Be Yourself” advice works so well… why aren’t more people happily attached to the person they really want to be with?

Dished out heartily by well-intentioned people, and mostly by “friendly”and “politically-correct” women who know nothing about how attraction really works.

If this offends you, ladies (and white-knight gentlemen)… great.

Stop dishing BS to guys (and girls facing the same issues) and pushing them further into depression.

That “special someone” won’t come along unless he (or she) is ready.

So do all the men in the world a favor.. and stop it.

Let’s Take A Look At Modern Society’s Brutal Reality..

Would girls be willing to date a guy who doesn’t bother to take care of his personal hygiene, dress sense, finances and health?

Vice versa… Would guys be willing to date such a girl as well? One who does not bother to dress up, with some basic makeup, etc?

Picks her nose and farts loudly in public areas, too, perhaps?

It’s starting to sound so surface-level and skin-deep now, isn’t it?

But isn’t that what every one really wants to be… just himself or herself?

So who gets promoted at work?

The guy who’s performing his best (be it real work ethics, bootlicking, backstabbing etc.)… or the guy who’s resigned to “Just Being Himself” and not trying to do more than he could?

Which girl gets heads turning on the streets? The one who’s in a killer mini skirt, smells like roses and sashays like a siren… or the nerdy girl who’s “Just Being Herself” sitting in the corner of the cafe,¬†nose-deep in her favorite romance novel?

Most people hearing such advice literally take it to the extreme, and do nothing and “JUST BE THEMSELVES.”

Sorry… No deal… Reality is brutal.

Suck thumb.

Here Are 3 Main Reasons Why Such A “Just Be Yourself” Toxic Mindset Will Ruin Your Chances With Women & Dating:

#1. It Encourages The “Resign To Fate” Mentality.

No motivation to improve your situation, and feel like the world owes it to you.

Accepting that kind of advice just keeps you mediocre at best, and giving lame excuses why it doesn’t work when it fails you time and again.

Not taking control of your own emotions and feelings, and taking proper action steps to make things work the way you really want them to.

#2. It Makes A Person Feel Like The World Owes Them The Results They Want.

It suggests that people should accept you as it is… but truth is reality is brutal and image and appearance is unforgiving.

Once again, would you date a girl who doesn’t bother with the basic stuff? Imagine her unshaven, messy hair, eccentric dress-sense, bad breath, lack of social etiquette and intelligence.. yep most guys end up that way when they buy into this “Be Yourself” crap.

They can spend their whole lives waiting for that special someone who will “understand” them and see them for who they really are.

REALLY? Yeah, right. Who’s buying this garbage theory?

#3. It Is Delusional, Unhealthy, And Toxic.

What would people think of you? Sure, you can say “it’s none of my business”… but then again… it is your business to some extent. When people around you notice your “lack of attention and concern” for yourself, they sum you up in a split second with just one look at you. And the impression sticks for a very long time, and doesn’t change unless consciously addressed.

Your appearance talks to you; but it also talks to others. It helps determine what others think of you. In theory, it’s pleasant to hear that people should look at a man’s intellect, not his clothes. But don’t be misled. People DO evaluate you on the basis of your appearance. Your appearance is the first basis for evaluation other people have. And first impressions last, out of all proportion to the time it takes to form them. – The Magic of Thinking Big, David J. Schwartz.


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So What Is The Solution?


At ModernMan Academy, all our graduates and students are taught fundamental principles of being attractive, not just to women, but to attract wealth, prosperity and positive values to their lives as well. – ModernMan Academy.

If this is the first time you’ve come across any sort of “self-help”… this will definitely kick you in the right direction:

1. Workout and eat right. – Health is wealth.

2. Be grateful for stuff in life. – Appreciate and be grateful for what you already have access to.

3. Learn or improve your skills & interests. – Humans can learn skills. We are not insects.

4. Have ambition. It tells people you are going somewhere with drive, instead of cruising down the waterfalls without any idea what’s coming up.

5. Make new friends, expand your social networks in real life. – It’s not what you know… it’s really who you know who’s willing to help you along.

6. Learn to be in control of your spiritual health and learn why you behave the way you do. – Read good books and develop healthy mental habits.

Our lives are multi-faceted, and not one-dimensional.

It may seem like a daunting task to address everything at once.. but rather than just resigning to “fate” and waiting for that lucky break… make that luck happen.

If a person makes 1% improvement in his life in any given area on a daily basis… 30 days x 1% can mean a world of difference.

Your life. You decide.

Often times, we tell our students and graduates this:

“It’s not a matter of good looks, but most¬†importantly… good grooming and a sense of style.” – ModernMan Academy.

This post in itself is really just basic stuff that if everyone starts working on, for themselves, is literally the “holy grail”.

Empower yourselves, guys!

Rooting for you,

Lead Instructor
ModernMan Academy


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