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3 Sure-Fire Ways To Create Chemistry With Women In Singapore!

(Disclaimer: The following can be easily applied and reap positive results at any stage of an interaction/relationship with a girl, but best used with someone you’ve just met, as first impressions will go a long way to future “acceptance” of personality. Most importantly is how it is “delivered”… the words hardly do matter much when the attitude and confidence are present. You can’t say the wrong thing to the right girl!)

“I want a guy with a sense of humour”… she says…

“I want a guy who’s fun”… she says…

“I need to feel that there’s chemistry with a guy”… she says…

This article will explain how all that can be “engineered” and practiced… just like any other skill in life.

The question is, are you willing to be that guy?

Guy’s critical mindset:

Self-amusement first, and leading the interaction like a confident and sexy man would. He knows it’s fun for the girl, and less than 5% of the time she experiences it with guys. She craves such interactions because they are unpredictable and a challenge.

Why it works like dynamite:

Fun, unique to every interaction & situation with a woman. Challenging and intriguing. Creates the framework of the guy being the “prize to be won”, instead of supplicating to her, or putting her on the goddess altar that most local men do.

Why most guys in Singapore won’t do it:

Fear of offending the girl, afraid of judgment of being a flirt/ player. Conditioned by society expectations to be “gentlemanly”, passive and “treating her like a princess”. Lack of balls that women really want in a rock-solid guy who’s got his game right.

Sensitive New-Age Guys (SNAGs) are just BS… It works if you’re looking for same-sex romance and planning to be the number #0.

Women don’t want passive “men” who can’t take the lead.

Sorry, boys!

Method #1. Role-Playing

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Give the girl a role to fulfil that is fun and light-hearted. Creates a private bubble that’s personal between the 2 of you, and provides plenty of future opportunities to prolong this identity. 

1. “I’m getting hit on by strange guys all night… you’re my new security bouncer babe… kick them off with your heels.”

2. “You’re so much fun to hang out with… i’m making you my girlfriend… on probation for the next 5 minutes.”

3. “You like my shirt? You have great taste. You’re my new fashion consultant on probation. You’re fired if you screw up!”

(This post “Women in Singapore Are Bored And Want To Date Fun Guys!” explains more about why being fun is #1 attractive trait that women desire in men… click here to read it.)

Method #2. Playful-Teasing

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Assumption that the guy is always the authority in charge, and the girl (though “equal”), is the “weaker sex”… a.k.a The Strong Must Protect The Sweet”.

1. “You’re like the cute, but spoilt baby sister i’ve never had. I won’t tell mum about your silly behaviour tonight. *Pinky swear.* Promise.”

2. “I think that geeky-looking guy over there likes you… i’ll bring him here to introduce you…”

3. “You’re misbehaving like a little kid in a candy store again… bad girl. Go to MY room.”

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Method #3: Sexual Bantering/ Verbal Sparring


Role-reversal – turning what women have often used on men, against themselves, which makes things extremely fun, sexual and challenging. It assumes that the woman is already interested in you, and she’s taking things too fast. The most powerful of all 3 concepts presented.

#1. “Stop ogling at me like I’m some piece of Korean BBQ pork belly… I have feelings too.”

#2. “Slow down, tiger… i need to be wined and dined before sex happens. No kiss on first date. I’m high maintenance.”

#3. “Sorry, darling… I’m having my period. No sex tonight.”

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The rule of thumb is not to wait for some kind of response, but to assume she’s having a great time, loving the interaction, and that’s she’s just going to follow the lead you are taking.

Try them out in your interactions with the opposite sex.

Works like dynamite.

Do it with confidence and expect her to have a great time.

James Bond doesn’t finch when he throws his famous one-liners.

As with all things in life, it takes practice to get good.

Start with baby steps. 

If this sounds foreign or scary to you, then you are definitely not that category of guys who is constantly creating “sexually-charged-and-tensed-fun” moments with women in your life.

They all want that. They just need the right guy to lead them forward.

(Side note: If you encounter uptight girls that get upset -even when delivered correctly – … run!!! It’s a red-flag warning sign that you should be thankful is raised early!)

Be a playful and inquisitive little kitten (or treat her like one)!

Do all your guy friends a favour and share this life-changing article with them. 

Empower yourselves, guys!

Rooting for you,

Executive Coach
ModernMan Academy

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