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3 Things Singaporean Men Do To Screw Up With Women.

“Screw up = mess up = fcuk it up = Same Same lah.” – ModernMan Academy

We’ve all heard horror stories… of how many Singaporean men have tried to “chase” girls and end up failing in epic proportions.

“She said her career is important to her now…”

“She needed her time and space….”

“She said she sees me as a friend/ brother she can confide in…”

“She isn’t returning my calls or text…”

“I can’t seem to get her out on a date…”

“She seems to be avoiding me at work…”

“She told me she has a boyfriend…”

… and 3,957 other lame excuses.


Unless you are one of those natural cool dudes who seems to be getting laid left, right and center.. then you’ve definitely either experienced them, or know of friends who do. You shouldn’t be reading this either, you probably can’t relate.


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But anyways… let’s go straight into why Singaporean men tend to fail with women and dating…

Here’s what most guys do at the beginning of getting to know a new girl… one that they have taken a liking or fancy to:

#1. Giving Too Much At The Start

  • Giving too much time, attention, making up for lack of self-worth using money and gifts to “buy her time and attention”.
  • Be in his own self-deluded fantasy world of “me and her”… when she’s not even remotely interested or attracted to him.
  • Gives the impression that his own time is not important, and everything in his world is about her. Will drop other important things to cater to her needs.
  • Willing to let her walk all over him e.g. making decisions where to go, what to eat… etc. Women hate such behaviour!

#2. Being Too Needy

  • Too fast, too soon and not laid back enough.
  • Calling a lot, texting too much, emotionally expressing too soon, and chasing instead of attracting her with his own lifestyle.
  • Emotionally too expressive with feelings too early.
  • Being too compliant with her requests like driving her around, or doing her favours… hoping to get in her good books.

 #3. Not Ready

  • No skills, no preparation, and don’t know female psychology, and cant read body language.
  • Has no idea what to say, do, and behave in her presence to be attractive at all.
  • Does not know how to present his best self forward.
  • Not planning ahead with dates, or even when she is invited to his place.
  • Does not know how to take the interaction to the next level e.g. intimacy and sex, etc.


This sort of fumbling… just completely frustrates most girls and women!

If you were a girl… Would you date a guy like that??


When they want a smooth guy… they didn’t ask for Don Juan or Casanova.. but at least know some basic stuff!

Doing any of the above usually gets the guy FRIEND-ZONED.

It’s more important to first know “What NOT To Do”… and then learn “What To Do”.

But it doesn’t have to be this way… watching others so blissfully in love, feeling second-class, lack of options and choices, hurting week after week from failing with women, helpless and alone.

Men who understand how this “game” works… will understand there are rules that women do play by. They merely learned them from 1,001 other social interactions that naturally happened to them since they were 16… while you were busy playing video games or doing sports with buddies.

If you don’t know them… you are not in the game, but just a tool… or worse, treated for a fool.

Blame the media, blame the conditionings and blame society for the expectations cast on men.

Just don’t blame the girls and women for it.

If you want to find out what really goes on inside women’s heads… read this post here.

Take responsibility and learn what really works in Singapore with women and dating.

Your next generation depends on you. 🙂

Empower yourselves, guys!

Lead Instructor
ModernMan Academy


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