5 Guaranteed Ways To Get A Girlfriend in Singapore!

(Disclaimer: You can always disagree with the opinions in this article. As Mark Twain puts it perfectly… “There is no right and wrong. Thinking makes it so.” Search your soul deep and hard… and figure if its your ego that’s defending whatever views you currently hold, and how it’s working out for your life in terms of what you really want.)

Want to get a girlfriend in Singapore?


Here’s 5 Guaranteed Ways To Get A Girlfriend In Singapore:

Guaranteed + Chop Method #1

gold digger

Have shit-loads of money! Wanna attract tons of gold diggers? Be her eternal provider (of free food, drinks, lifestyle & luxury items – beware Tinder/Paktor fans) while she potentially would be stringing you along without sex, and sleeping with other guys who are dead-broke instead? Many examples in real life of such men. We meet them a lot when they come crying saying they had enough of these girls they have in their lives, draining their bank accounts dry… and that’s not the only thing that’s left dry too. We also have friends who specifically sleep with girls who have such boyfriends, so when we say we know what we’re talking about, we do.


Guaranteed + Chop Method #2

korean plastic surgery meme

Be extremely good looking. How? Plastic surgery is an option in Korea. Usually ends up with very young girls who are more inclined to have eye-candy boyfriends, then a guy who is much more developed as a person and has true quality character. We all know a lot of guys who look good.. great boyish face, trendy clothes, nice body… but many of them really should just remain silent and not say anything or totally destroy their skin-deep surface impressions. The reverse applies to many women too. Good to see, better not to speak. The bimbos and himbos? Yep. Do remember that for surgery… kids will not look the same as parents.


Guaranteed + Chop Method #3

gold digger

Be a combination of both #1 & #2. Life is happy. Gold diggers and young-developing girls galore. What happens if you lose all that money someday.. or get a permanent scar that disfigures you? People do get in debts, businesses do fail, accidents do happen. It’s called life. I hope you have a backup plan if that happens, bro.


Guaranteed + Chop Method #4

round is a shape

Lower your standards a lot. Take whatever life sends your way. If you aren’t too particular, you can go for girls who are likely to be sloppy with their dressing, pay no attention to their weight or health, have no direction in life, etc. “Beggars” can’t be choosers, right? Sure.. you can justify it by saying it’s all about “inner beauty”. That, I’m assuming your world means that “all the beautiful girls I see have no depth nor soul… none of them do. They are just cheap sluts that are not worthy of my personality.” Cool story, bro. I’m sure you feel proud of that belief, and your friends envy you a lot too, when they see you with your girlfriend who’s terribly overweight and doesn’t seem to care about herself anymore.


Guaranteed + Chop Method #5

good guy greg

Invest in yourself constantly. Learn about how male-female interactions really work, how women think, ways to interact with them to create genuine interest in your personality, learn fashion and grooming, have real ambition that you are working on actively, creating your own financial independence, working out to achieve that ideal body, actively involved in self-improvement classes and activities, contributing back to society in a meaningful way, and choosing your own meaningful relationships with quality and beautiful women, etc. The real deal that all women really want in a man. 

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Guaranteed + Chop Method #6 (Optional)

hookers strippers

Hang out at paid joints, e.g. thai discos, ktvs, geylang (or changi village if you have a different sexual preference)… where “love” can be bought for a minimum sum of money. But remember… no money, no honey! And of course… point #3… life is real. Shit happens.


Which would you prefer to be?

What sort of girl are you seriously trying to attract in your life?

You decide.

This wasn’t meant to be entertaining. Some articles are meant to wake the crap out of most guys walking around in a perma-limbo state.

Empower yourselves, if you truely want to get a girlfriend in Singapore!

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