5 Powerful Conversations To Have With Girls In Singapore!

(Disclaimer: Do NOT do this over text. That’s highly impersonal, and the messages get distorted and misleading. Be real and be genuine in person. Works 2,973% better! By the way… if she isn’t already attracted to you at first… none of this works. More explained… read on!)

These days in modern context, people in general focus on surface-level material “wants”, and too much distraction from negative news spreading everywhere via all forms of media.

But deep inside every single person living on this planet… is a part of them that wants to be loved and appreciated.

If a man learns to draw out this part of a woman… the impact will be so powerful and the connection so deep, that she’s unlikely to experience it with any other guy she meets on a daily basis!

Here’s 5 extremely powerful conversations to have with girls in Singapore:

Childhood Dreams And Ambitions

What was she like as a child? What inspired her? Who did she look up to? Make her recall those dreams she used to have about growing up, and support her no matter how “silly” they may seem to you as an adult now. What did having those dreams and ambitions make her feel, and how she feels about them now? Encourage and support her.

What’s Important To Her In Life Now

Money, work, and all that now are but a means to an “end”. What exactly does she seek in life? Family security? Someone that she can trust and connect, fall back on, and share precious moments in life together? How does it make her feel having what she really wants?

What Her Positive Beliefs Are Towards Her Life

What are her values in life? Does she have certain standards set for things to accept or not? Don’t just talk about jobs and money, but really more of family values, or personal ethics and principles, that make her the person she is today. Focus on the positive traits. How strongly does she feel about her values that direct her life? Avoid negative stuff.

The “Secret” Side of Her That She Seldom Shows Others

What are some of the things she’s not exactly proud to tell people about? It may be a childhood habit, or a mistake she made while growing up, etc. We all have “blemished” records. Assure her that it’s only human to be imperfect, and that you have a lot of things you may not be proud of either, but have learned to overcome them and become a better man today. Allow her to feel safe, while able to share them with you.

The Attractive Traits She Wants In A Man

Deeper traits that require her to think. She may say “I want a guy who makes me laugh”, but what is deeper about that? Ask her how having a guy like that makes her feel. Ask her why she thinks it’s important to feel that way with such a man in her life. There are always deeper tiers of questions behind the surface-level ones. Learn to go further than just scraping the tip.


This is the time to be INTERESTED in her… as a real person, underneath all that makeup, glamour, or life achievements.

Don’t layer the topics one after another. That’s too heavy and too much in one conversation.

Instead… pepper it with light-hearted topics in between, or just have one really solid deep conversation, combined with physical connections e.g. taking her hand while acknowledging her views, giving eye contact that’s with semi-sensual intent (not necessarily sexual, but attentive), etc… mixed with compliments about her inner character and feelings.

This will definitely avoid you from getting placed in the Friend-Zone.

And be sure to relate to her, while telling your own story as well. It’s a process of getting to know each other, on a deeper level. Just don’t start crying or overly emotional, but tell your story with genuine authenticity. It’s extremely manly.

Notice in all the topics… the focus was on “how she feels”. That’s the critical element.

Evoke feelings from her when having such conversations. This is the more serious “chemistry” and “connection” that women are seeking from men.

It takes two hands to connect.

Be prepared to answer these same questions yourself.

If she fails to learn deeper things to appreciate you for, then you are just another guy she’s met in her life… nothing special.

But be warned, if you do all this when you are already “Friend-Zoned” by her earlier on… it’s not going to help much at all. Don’t bother, bro… really.

You still have to be the fun, attractive guy that catches her attention at the beginning of meeting her!

And every guy has the chance to learn to be that person in her life.

Will that be you?

Empower yourselves, guys!

Rooting for you,

Lead Instructor
ModernMan Academy


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