(Disclaimer: This article will discuss the main 7 reasons why you’re still Single Singapore. The opinions reflect that which are personal, and in no way absolutely a written rule that is correct for everyone.)

1. Not Raising Your Standards

A fair majority of men in Singapore are accepting things are they come. They have not realized that they are allowing the world to give them what it decides to give them, instead of actively deciding what they really want, setting goals, and going out there to achieve them.

Raising your standards simply means you no longer accept your current situation, and set out to be better, and do the things that are required to achieve them. Women may not be looking for perfect men, but they definitely want their man to be more driven, ambitious, and have dreams and goals that they are very actively pursuing.

A busy and driven guy is so much more attractive than one who chooses to be passively waiting to strike 4D, Toto, or whatever magic pill to transform his life for the better.

2. Being Comfortable

There is a saying that people do not choose to be in their “comfort zone”, but rather, choosing to remain helpless in their “discomfort zone”, simply because it’s easier to stay there and remain as status quo. Being comfortable generally does nothing to promote growth, nor challenges a man, and certainly will not take his results to the next level he desires if he stays safe where he is.

If you spend all your “free” time dwelling in mobile games, watching anime/ netflix, instead of learning to improve your own personal skills that help with social interactions with women, then obviously that area will never be upgraded to the next level.

3. Circle of Friends

Many men have friends who are unable to truly advise and assist him in his own personal and dating life, simply because they are stuck themselves. Crudely put, it becomes the “blind leading the foolish”, with bad advice and wisdom being passed around like a bad virus.

Most often, these groups that you may choose to hangout with, are involved with activities that do not contain active social interactions with women, nor would interest quality women to be part of it. What is “fun” for guys, may not be “fun” for the ladies.

You have to be aware of who you choose to surround yourself with, as your results will absolutely be greatly influenced by the people you associate with on a daily and weekly basis.

4. Not Understanding Female Thinking

Most men have no clue what it is like to be a woman in today’s society. It is said that you have to “know thy enemy” to stand a chance to win a war. That much is absolutely true. There is no 100% way to know for sure, but the basic psychology of what women are thinking and truly wanting, is not really a mystery.

If you don’t understand the traffic rules, even the wildest Lamborghini is useless to you, as you become a wild bull running through a porcelain shop with disregard for everything around you.

5. Conditioned By Society And Media

The media today and our society has imposed many automatic-reflex beliefs into our men today, especially so in Singapore. Many myths and lies that most men in Singapore believe to be true about women, are simply untrue and stories fed to themselves repeatedly until it becomes “real” for these men.

It’s self-sabotage at it’s best. What is common sense, may not be as common as it seems to most guys.

6. Not Willing To “Pay The Price”

Every guy out there will think to himself that he wants a “hot girl” to be his girlfriend. Unfortunately, they do absolutely nothing to be a “hot guy” themselves. So why would a quality girl ever be interested in such men?

They obviously have tons of options and choices out there, as most women do, and would not bother with you if you don’t see a need to be a better version of your current, comfortable self who is not achieving or getting results in life.

7. Fear of Success

Fear of failure is nature, and fear of success is actually the scariest mental block most guys have without even knowing.

Success ultimately means different things to different people, but if you have caught yourself thinking “if I had a girlfriend I have to sacrifice time to spend with her”, “I won’t have time for my friends or do the things I always enjoyed”, “having a girlfriend will be costly and I can’t afford to spend unwisely right now”, etc.

If you are thinking such thoughts, why on earth would your mind actually get you to take the necessary steps to get results with women? You are already unconsciously saying “NO” to success.

In conclusion

I hope that this article gives you an abrupt wake-up call to recognize what you may be trapped in, and decide to do something concrete to turn your life around.

Feel free to share these 7 Reasons Why You Don’t Have A GF In SG with your friends who may benefit from it. I am grateful for the opportunity to have helped!

Empower yourselves, guys!

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