Are Women The Weaker Sex In Singapore?

(Disclaimer: Minus the professional female MMA fighters and those who can hold their own in a self-defence situation, this article serves to address a more general outlook on the subject. Feminazis screaming equality can go away and argue among themselves. We are not interested.)

Most guys have never stopped to ponder the question… “Are Women The Weaker Sex In Singapore?”

The next question would be… “why?”

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(Minus the fact that most Singaporean men “lose out” in careers by 2 years due to National Service, and that there are many women in positions of power in big corporations..)

Here’s what women and girls in Singapore have probably experienced at some point in time in their lives…

(this list is probably 2% of what a complete list would look like… but hopefully it sheds some light for guys who’ve never thought about it)

– stalkers that follow her before, during and after work

– creepy men who stare her down everywhere from head to toe everywhere she goes

– uneasy to walk alone in dark streets and areas

– receiving unknown gifts at work from anonymous “suitors”

– receiving letters under the door or in the mailbox

– getting tons of missed calls from weird unknown numbers

– dozens of facebook friend requests and messages day in and out

tinder and paktor msgs that are full of random guys trying to get in their pants

– online photos easily reused for malicious intent to scam others

– worry about drinks getting spiked when out to have a good time with trusted friends

– common friends who may be malicious and ill-intent guys looking to do harm

– young girls who start going to underaged parties may be approached by men with money and tempted to stray early

– youth, beauty and age taken advantage of by older men who know how to manipulate them using money and mindgames

– at work, getting discredited for efforts and gender-stereotypes

– passed up for promotions due to gender, or sexual harassment by superiors and bosses

– may encounter guys who are unethical, unscrupulous and take advantage of them during sex, taking pictures or videos secretly to blackmail them later on

– guys who drive themselves insane doing wrong things that disqualify themselves as potential romantic partners, end up hating girls and doing harm to them in various psychotic ways

– easily overpowered by most men in a physical confrontation (or more than 1 man, e.g. rape situation, etc)

– when a girl gets pregnant… social stigma if “shotgun” or raped… 9 months of hardship… or face abortion and emotional trauma, and social “disgrace”.. single mums having a hell of a time managing without support, etc.

…and probably 1,001 other possibilities.

Is there valid cause for concern and being paranoid when it comes to being a female in our world today?

Just because hundreds to thousands of these cases are not reported in mainstream media, does not mean they do not exist.

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While in today’s modern society, with all that women’s rights, protection, and laws… women still remain relatively unsafe in general. It doesn’t matter how “hot” she looks, or how “overweight” she is. End of the day, she’s the daughter of a father, and someone’s family member and next-of-kin.

I just hope that men who read this article are given some insight into the difficulties presented to a modern-day female in our society. If you want to become that shining knight in armour and learn how to make their lives better… read more here.

Don’t do crazy things. It’s not worth it.

Be great guys, the women deserve them.

Rooting for you,

Executive Coach
ModernMan Academy


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