Building An Awesome Life That Attract Girls To You

Hey guys, have you ever wondered how some people have really awesome life that attract girls to them, and some just do the same thing day after day..until they get old? It doesn’t take a fool to know that you have total control over your own life. And it doesn’t take a fool to know that the results you get are determined by your responses.

As a matter of fact, view your life as a movie, or if you are a gamer, view it as a video game. You are the player, the actor. If you make it past 70 years old, you are basically living only 28,000 days at max. You have to start doing something. 

Do not get me wrong here, i’m not telling you to go hit somebody or even kill someone. You must be damn kidding right? Start doing something you really wanted to do..but have always held back due to some funny reasons like “i do not have the time”, “my parents wont allow”.

The more excuses you have, the more fear you have..only return one thing. “NOTHING”. Life only boils down to 2 things if you ask me.

Like old master says…SURVIVE and REPLICATE.

You obviously do not survive life, unless you’re an immortal..which of course is not possible. What you can do, is survive tough and rocky life situations. There are no problems in life. Only situations. And how you deal with situations reflects directly on how it will turn out.

A rule of the alpha, BE UNREACTIVE. Simply means…be unaffected by external factors. It’s tough to do, but can happen. If you practice, if you are conscious enough. Be present and in the moment.

If something terrible happens, you do not fall into unconsciousness and allow your emotions to control you. You simply acknowledge the presence of the situation..and know it’s doesn’t affect you on a deep level.

I’m not telling you to be emotionless and be a cold blooded creature. Im simply teaching you how to control. Control your emotions. If you let it run wild, you start falling into an irrational state of mind, and you’re like a crazy bull runnin all over the place, not towards a red cloth, but a black one. When you are able to do that, you will and i able to feel so much in control.

Replication, of course comes in..when you start building families. LOL. Im not gona touch on this too much..If you cannot even survive, how would you replicate? Start building a life.

Join a dance class, go take up muaythai, go do some water sports, go do some traveling… talk to strangers..make new friends.

If you can start doing this right NOW, you will start to feel that time is limited. And you will start realizing the importance of every being in this world. You have to be happy with what you do.

What im revealing here isn’t rocket science, but basic logic. BASIC IS GOLD. Talk about stories of vaue and of fun…you will thus have millions of them..without even thinkin, or trying to come out with one.

Start now.

Be happy. Be nice.

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