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What have you got planned for Christmas?

That time of the year is here again!

Everywhere you go, spirits of joy, laughter, love ,and happy faces of couples out shopping for presents for friends and family.

I remember back before I learned the skills to be successful with women and dating, I used to spend those days wondering if I would ever be “lucky” to find a girlfriend to spend Christmas with.

The feeling, as I can still clearly remember, is horrible.

I still know of many friends of mine who are in that same position, who have resigned themselves to their “fate” that girls will never like them, or they are not rich enough, have good looks to have a great girl in their lives etc… all the worst types of excuses that spirals them further down the tracks of “it’s never going to happen for me.”

The funniest part of it all.. is that there are also plenty of quality women out there, who are thinking the same thing! It’s not one-sided.

And sadly, these 2 types of people will almost never cross paths, simply because it’s not meant to. Even if they do, neither side is ready to add positive value to the interaction or relationship. They have too much negative baggage left unattended and waiting to be unloaded unto each other sooner or later. It’s simply destructive.

What really pains me is to see people with the opportunity to take active and real steps to make improvements, end up repeating negative messages to themselves in their heads.. and end up always hurt, alone and lonely.

It’s the victim-mentality…

Not healthy.

But for those of you reading this post, you are probably different.

You are actively seeking out ways to improve.

So pay attention to what you are about to read next:


It’s still a good 30 days away from Christmas.

Go join activities out there that have plenty of women (or guys, for the women reading this).

Take a yoga class, dance lesson (salsa, hip-hop, jazz, aerial silk acrobatics), or a language course (french, japanese, korean, spanish) … obviously one that you have some sort of interest in at least.

Be a YES MAN… when you ask “how to” and say yes to things, options open up!

No = closed door.

When you get out there doing stuff, you learn new stuff, have stories to share, and meet more people.

Keep this up for 30 days… I guarantee your lifestyle will change, your behavior and mindset will shift, and you will experience an entirely different world of positive results.

Go engineer your own desired lifestyle!

No one is bloody going to do it for you. Nope.

Don’t “seek” happiness. Happiness already exists within you.

Be grateful daily for stuff you already have. It attracts the right stuff to you.

Rooting for you,

Lead Instructor,
ModernMan Academy

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