imagesThroughout my time hanging out with awesome people..and some not so awesome ones..i sorta instinctively know who to hang out with, and who to ditch. Call me whatever, i dun’s just this gut feeling i have all the time, whenever i meet someone new.

Right off the bat, i can sense whether he/she is gonna be someone who’ll be adding value to me..and vice versa, or just someone who’ll leech me dry and do harm to everyone around him.

And i feel it’s an important skill that not many people have. And of course, end of the day..having throwing yourself into a smelly pool of muddy water, you’ll realise it’s not wise at all to do what you did. What i’m gona reveal here is huge. And it’s gona teach you how to identify a muddy pool of shit, from a clean pool of lovely water. Hence forth, giving you a set of skill to predict the future.

I’m pretty damn sure this will create a huge huge epiphany for you reading this. Yes, if in your head now you probably gona think “Wtf is he trying to say? He thinks he is god? PFFFTT a bunch of nonsense, nobody is gona have the answer all the time”. Well, if you think so..please then save yourself the trouble by the X at the top right hand corner of the blog..and then you’ll be pretty. I’m not telling you that i know all, OBVIOUSLY. If you still are interested to know..good for you.

Disclaimer The authors of this blog holds no responsibility over anyone’s reactions after reading or acknowledging the contents of this blog. They are not capable of paying you millions of dollars if you wish to sue them. Instead of creating such a huge fuss, just click the little ‘x’ on the top right hand corner of the webpage, and you’re pretty much done.

With that, let’s begin. There are some things that we ought to know, when creating our social circle. Obviously..if you are even a sane awesome people in your life. But how would you qualify them? I’ve been in situations when i thot “damn this guy is trouble”.

Even though he behaves oh-so-nicely. Yea, i have my own views most of the time..and people do disagree with me. And then again, i just cannot explain my ability to size people up in a very very short span of time, until recently. Look, have you ever had times when you thot he/she was super cool, and you guys are gona be awesome frens for the rest of your life?

But only realise how huge of an ego he/she had…and thot it was all too late to regret having trusted him/her in the first place? I did. We cannot deny that there are tons of hurt/unconscious/self-centered people all over the world. You can save one, but you can’t save all.

All you can do is to learn to save yourself, from being one of em. And then can you kick start a series of self help among people. Never ever in your holy grail mind do you allow yourself to want to help others. Cos those who need help will come to you. Or else, keep your mouth shut. And then again, this is how Modernman Academy started. We got approached..and what not. =)

The circle of love, i call a circle of friends..whom you love dearly..and in turn having them love you back. Those who really watches your back and all. You get the drift.

And the circle of obviously one you wouldn’t wana have. Damaged,hurt,revengeful people etc, who acts like they love you and sincerely wana help you, but does things behind your back. I don’t like to be judgemental, and i believe people have a reason for doing what they do.

And i have no authority whatsoever to poke my nose in their affairs. And i dun want to. I only eliminate them out from my life, if i realise they spell trouble. And there will come a point where you’ll start questioning yourself..”am i being cruel?”

The answer is NO. You choose the kind of life you want to lead, the people you want in your life. That, my friend, is being grounded. Even if you’re not right now..learn to be. Stick to your beliefs and values. It’s a cliches thing when we talk about judgements.

There’s a saying “the world is your mirror”. What it means is whatever you resent, you lack. Watever you say about others, reflects your own relationship with yourself and how you see yourself.

When you start verbalizing shit about people, in actual fact..negativity is being generated unconsciously..and it affects you alot because you know you cant have what they have. When you call someone a bad name, or an ego sucking freak..when you are actually really talking about yourself. I made it a point in my life never to serve a negative comment on anyone, even if he/she is really a rotten egg.

I simply acknowledge that he is what he is, and i shall keep my mouth shut. Cos i have no authority on how others should see him, i have no rights to interfere with how others might view and relate to him. Fair enough? Yes. Been there, done that..when i was a kid..and yes..i’ve learnt how to show compassion..and i’ve learnt how to accept that it is what it is, and i just have to accept the presence and continue with my life. Neutral judgement and forceful judgement is a whole diff thing all together.

We all judge, but then depends on what you do with the judgement in your head. End of the day, you still have no rights to comment and dictate what he or she shuld have done. Many of us judge forcefully, often times being unconscious ourselves…creating this funny lil anger and hatred.. we comment, we ridicule, we flame, we do tons of other things to HURT. Seen it all so many times….it always happen when POWER/AUTHORITY comes in.

Cos that’s what feeds the ego. And guess what? You have a series of ego bashing fights among people.

Dictating who is right and who is wrong, who is on the good side and who is on the bad side. NICE. LOVELY. Then again, we are born equal. Who are you to judge and comment? On the other hand, neutral judgement says you qualify..acknowledge the flaw in humanity..and accept it as it is..while being impartial and accepting the fact that behind every action, there is a reason. That is when you start practicing compassion.

Compassion then neutralizes all hatred and fury. My stand is still the same from day

1. We add value to peoples’ lives. Period. And what i’m about to reveal here is raw and painful. See if you can relate to it. And you’ll start seeing a series of awesome things happening. Mainly your perception of humanity. How do you select quality friends? –

By the kind of operating system they base their lives in. First of, you have to start noticing the underlying operating system people are functioning in. And decide for yourself if you would want them in your life. It may not seem dangerous right now..but you know what..a poison is still a poison…until you get bitten, you dun know. But a list of operating systems below should help you identify the people you should avoid.

2) Ego /Prideful These people operate on a high self-esteem system. These are the kind of people who look good only when compared to people who are less conscious. Yes, having pride is great and all..but guess’s dangerously vulnerable. These people are defensive and often vulnerable because their successes are dependable on external conditions.The downside of this..obviously is arrogance and denial. People of prideful system demands power, stature and prestige. Men have often died for pride..They demand power, being the leader of all men. Know anyone in your social circle who sounds like this?

RUN AWAY. In conclusion, the more a person puts himself on a pedestal, and serve to disregard human flaws and decides to go on a verbal war..he is trouble. The more he comments negatively about people, in essence trying to bring up his own status..he is trouble. Often times, pot calling the kettle black. Only a person with an ungrounded reality feels a need to justify and retaliate. You then have to ask yourself, why is he doing this?

Why does he feel a need to do this? Why? And identify the system he operates in. And you’ll have a bigger picture. I’ve seen people like this, and often times doing things verbalizing it’s for the good of all, but in actual’s all about feeding his/her own ego to catapult himself to higher status. There is no need to showcase, when you know you have it all already in the first place.

3) Angry people These people operate on a very destructive system. Both to themself and the people around them. They are angry, miserable and often times negative. Alot of resentment and revenge issues here. And well, guess what..they are dangerous. They are often people who seeks injustice. Injustice because their ego has been hurt. Favorite lines by people like that…”I hate you”, “you ruin me”etc. You get the drift. Anger easily leads to hatred, which then have an erosive effect on a person’s life, not to mention the people in their lives. Stay out of their lives if you may.

4) Sad/Grief These people are often times..yea..sad. With that in mind, they have extremely low self confidence..they dun see themselves as awesome people. And the reason for feeling sad? They cant get what they want. You can also relate this to people who are outcome dependent. Most of the times, they are miserable.

They need alot of attention. Run. And all in all..all 3 operating systems are interwined with one another. Guy cant get what he wants..becomes sad and miserable…and the more he tries, the more he cant get..and he becomes angry and affected…and with anger as a deadly emotion, he creates more negativity….anger stems from frustrated wanting.

Frustration comes from exaggerating the importance of desire …he start to create a negative vortex in him…thereby generating a powerful WANT and he starts to aim for something that can catapult himself to higher levels of success. Often times relying on other people’s failure to justify his greatness, acting with pride.

And now equipped with confidence and high self-esteem, he operates on a “i know all” mindset..and that’s where it all can go terribly wrong… with arrogance and denial, one is just not able to grow. Sounds familiar? The angry abusive boyfriend?? Yes.. So be sure to determine the operating system people operate, by looking at their behaviors, actions, and words they use. Stay away from negativity.

Anything that makes you feel “YUCKS” in your solar plexus…is something that you would want to take note of. Such as gossiping, spreading negativity about people, doing something immoral. Refuse to part take in it. REFUSE. If you do, you are being no different from the negative person.

Start incorporating positivity in your life. And sift out great people to be included in your circle. And always, always..refrain from talking shit about people. Cos what goes around comes around. And ..


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