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 Complete Your 2014 With A Bang!

With 2014 closing up in a month’s time, I hope everyone’s had time to take a breather… and reflect on the past year.

As the chinese saying goes… “A moment’s rest… is to prepare for the further journey ahead.” – anonymous? (LOL)


  1. What have I worked on the past 11 months to improve myself in my financial, health, relationship and spiritual areas?
  2. What could had been done even better?
  3. Now give yourself a pat on the back if you’ve grown and experienced more in positively conscious way.

If you have considered getting the relationship/dating area of your life handled…


  1. How have I increased my social circles and friends to be able to meet the type of people I want to?
  2. Have I picked up new skills that enabled me to form stronger relationships?
  3. Have I consciously applied my social skills knowledge to meet more quality people around me?

Most people go through their lives.. just following the crowd… listening to media propaganda for what’s “right” for them. 

Never questioning, never defying.

But if you’re reading this… you’re not like them.

You deserve better and you know it.

So I hope you’ve really had a great 2014 and look forward to an even awesomer 2015 ahead.

Rooting for you,

Lead Instructor
ModernMan Academy

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