The courses presented in ModernMan Academy are designed to get you the quickest dating results that you seek with women. The methods and strategies contained herein have been proven to work in Singapore.

Graduates of our courses are rewarded with a renewed self-worth, a healthy self-respect and plenty of new methods and techniques for becoming a successful modern man with the ladies.

shutterstock_122942731Free Coaching Session:

Attend our free coaching session, where you can ask ANY questions you have with regards to women and dating in Singapore.

We will work with you collaboratively to create an immediately actionable plan to dramatically improve your dating and sex life.

11Transformation Bootcamp:

Our flagship program. In this intensive live training bootcamp, you’ll learn how you can meet, attract and date women in places like clubs, bars, shopping malls, bookshops, bus stops, and many other public areas. We give you with real-world, proven methods and techniques for you to be able to achieve this life-changing skill through the bootcamp itself.