“It’s one thing for an instructor to tell a student to approach a woman and to give feedback, and another for an instructor to also have the skill himself and be available to show it off.” – MMA Instructor Policy 


Executive Coach

dating coach singapore gate modernman academyEntrepreneurial, driven, and persuasively charismatic, Gate has dedicated his life over the last 11 years in empowering men in Singapore to overcome their fear of women, and achieve the dating goals that they set for themselves.

Coming from a very humble background, Gate taught himself the core principles of life learned through hundreds of hours of motivational teachings and books, and practically applied and proven in real-life social situations, to establishing meaningful relationships with women.

His personal story has touched the hearts of all his students, and transformed many aspiring men to be massive action-takers, and to live a life without regrets.

Today, Gate’s cutting-edge style of coaching is refreshingly authentic, fun and insightful, yet easy for all levels of students to produce immediate results for themselves.

Gate also practices meditation, and constantly inspires others around him to upkeep a lifestyle of life-long education and improvement.

“Working with Gate has been a fantastic experience. He takes the time to evaluate your skill, never talks down to you and speaks to you as a peer. He is constantly encouraging, always keeping it real and consistently reinforces the lessons he teaches. The field trips, the real time feedback on everything you’re doing right (and wrong) were immeasurably helpful to me. He’s opened my eyes to a whole new range of opportunities.” – Nicholas Tay.


Executive Coach

changChang is one of those ordinary Singaporean guys that you probably wouldn’t take a second glance at if you walked past him in a mall, but in a social setting, he’s smart, articulate, eloquent and charming.
Having spent the last 15 years living in the United States (first in California, then moving up to Seattle, Washington the last couple of years). He started out as pretty much any of us, trying to figure out what he wanted to do in life, and then doing the best that he could be.
He didn’t start out wanting to be an awesome dating guru, or even to help anyone with dating. All he wanted to do was to find a nice lady to spend some time with, and if that worked out, to spend the rest of his life with that lady. Like all beginners to the dating, he stumbled, made mistakes, and got back on his feet like any of us. Chang’s turning point came about 8 years ago when he fell in love with a beautiful Singaporean girl at the University of Washington, against the backdrop of the idyllic city of Seattle. To cut the story short, the relationship didn’t work out, and that’s when he really decided to get this part of his life straightened out.
Since then, Chang has been setting the personal goal of being the best guy, coach, speaker, motivator he can be. That was also about the time he met Gate and Kyo at ModernMan Academy and the rest is history.
It doesn’t take a genius to see Chang (even as ordinary as he seems) has the potential to be someone that is truly great with women and in life. As he improved on his approach and dating techniques, he started training others instead of being trained. Chang is now at the epitome of the dating game and has always been very open and friendly in sharing his experience and mistakes from meeting tons of women in the field.
Our takeaway — Chang is one truly remarkable individual, and we’re really happy to have him as a part of our team!


Executive Coach

Kyo contributes to the dating coaching industry with many fields of experiences from years of sales, dance, teaching, and public relations work.

For the past 15 years, he has continually been working on his own personal progress, and passionately shares and imparts his experiences to the students that place their faith in his insights and teachings.

He enjoys guiding those who are keen to improve themselves and are massive action-takers, by opening doors to many channels of self-improvement, that most men in Singapore traditionally have no access to easily on their own.

His personal goal is to transform the lives of Singaporean men by positively influencing them to commit themselves to lifelong learning and upgrading to their best selves every single day.

Lifestyle and relationship coaching is his expertise, and this is one of the most important aspects of improving a man’s chances with getting results in the real-world of dating and relationships.

Meet him in our community after the bootcamp!

“Meeting and having quality women is a natural by-product of progressive personal development in life.” – Kyo