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Do Looks Really Matter To Women?

2 simple social experiments with rock-solid video proof.

Experiment #1. Cute girl asking guys for sex in public.

Experiment #2. Good-looking guy asking girls for sex in public.

Common factor of both experiments: Decent-to-good looks.

Uncommon outcome: Lop-sided results.

Now in contrast… here’s the guy doing the same thing. (And he’s not horrible looking either like some LOTR Golem.)


Women don’t judge by looks as much as men do.

By the way… Brad Pitt’s early days started out as a Chicken Mascot for a fast food restaurant. Don’t believe me… go google it! So much for good looks then?


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If the first video had a girl who’s sloppy, beneath average “male standards”, and clearly not an “head-turner”, every single guy would probably say no to sex and think there must be something wrong with her.

So do looks really matter when it comes to women?

We don’t think so… and we know so.

Those videos just proved it!

Deny all you want and tell yourself it’s not true, “he’s white”, “he was in Europe”… “it’s different where I live”… and all that other garbage excuses and lies you enjoy feeding yourself.

Go reflect on the thousands of times you’ve seen a hot girl with an average looking dude. I guess they must be all be brothers and sisters! That’s the only way to justify their relationship, based on your perceptions and beliefs, isn’t it?

If you still choose to cuddle up in your own distorted reality despite visual proof… that’s quite a sad life to live for yourself, isn’t it? Always limiting yourself and giving lousy excuses not to man up and step up to greater things.

(By the way, don’t share this article, cos it’s too painful to admit it’s true.)

Grooming and style… however, is the real key to getting the first “door” opened up where a girl may be interested to find out more about you.

The women in the video who hesitated and border-lined over a “yes” or “maybe”, was simply because of his overwhelming confidence… not his looks. Substitute the guy with another good-looking guy, but with a lack of self-confidence and uneasy body language, and he’d probably get ignored a lot more, or slapped x257 times as much for being a creepy weird-vibe pervert.

Read that again.

And read that again.

What comes next is your personality.

We all want eye-candy… but not someone who is “socially-retarded”, has no social etiquette, lacks common sense, has zero communications skills, constantly insecure, low self-esteem, to be with you in a relationship (for long), right?

You would be seriously ill and sick in the brain to say yes… unless you plan to manipulate that person easily.

It applies for both genders. 

We’ll cover that… in a future article.

Empower yourselves, guys!

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