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Does Online Dating In Singapore Really Work?

(Disclaimer: Read till the end for a no-strings-attached solution that is guaranteed to resolve any dating issues you’ve ever had.)


Most women just have an ego-boost when they have hundreds of men trying to fight for her attention on online dating apps… and in reality, has a good laugh with her girlfriends over the cheesy/ boring/ sleazy messages that guys send.

Online Dating & Mobile Apps In Singapore… Time-saver or time-waster?

Most guys insist that they save a lot of time by using online dating services and mobile apps that “connect” them to women who are “in the area”, or “near them”.

But is it really saving them real time if they are sending out tons of messages a day with no positive results?

Competition with thousands of others?

Think about it… how many thousands of other men are on these dating platforms, doing exactly the same thing you are? Sure… there’s plenty of “fish” in that ocean… but if you’re just another typical guy trying to get attention the same way… why would a woman respond?

Here’s an interesting statistic: 

There are 40k men in Singapore who like such dating facebook fan-pages of the major dating app/dating site providers that range age 22-40 (paktor, tinder, match, be2, okcupid etc)… as compared to only 15k women.

That simply means, more guys trying their luck with online dating sites/apps than women.

Have you read majority of other men’s profiles online? It’s a disaster… generally uninteresting to women, and lacks depth. In short, it’s completely unattractive and does not draw the correct attention from a woman emotionally.

It screams “I’m average and not hoping for much, but perhaps this online dating thing works… and someone will settle for me, so I can just be myself.”

And when they get around to messaging a woman online, their opening message and approach is common-place, and sounds just like the rest of the 20-50 messages she receives every day.

Confidence builder, or just drains the life and hope out of you?

Got skills? Or clueless with women but hoping something sticks and works out if you try it enough times?

If you are constantly trying and sending out messages using the wrong foundations… you’re setting yourself up to head into a vicious spiral of negative results, with no end in sight.

Action taken = result = reinforcement of belief.

In layman terms… assuming you go ahead to try your luck messaging a girl, but are really just not confident or having the skills & know-how to engage women in the way they want to, and she ignores or replies you with a lukewarm response… and you end up feeling it’s not working and frustrated, then further believe that you are really hopeless with women.

Repeat that process another 20 times and you’ve just hard-wired a new solid negative belief about yourself.

Are women really keen to meet guys from such dating apps?

Or real life social circles?

Which is safer?

The brutal truth is that most women still prefer to find their soul mates through traditional ways. Most people really do get together via social circles and through introductions from friends. Go ahead and “interview” couples.. only a very small percentage will say they met thru dating apps.

Those who do are the minority, and for that meeting to happen, he has to first of all, somehow, get her attention among hundreds of other guys, and still has some kind of skill or know-how to get her to see him as a potential mate.

There’s plenty of dating scams online these days. Men and women both fall prey to it.

A meet-up through social circles and friend-introduction is definitely a lot safer for a woman.

So what happens when you finally get to meet a woman for real?

Are the guys who actually meet the women (the luckier few), mentally ready to engage with them on a real-life level, when it happens?

Or does their unprepared “just-be-myself persona” and real personality & behaviour simply repeats their auto-pilot & unconscious former mistakes (with other women), sending them back to square one again and again?

Remember… “Action taken = result = reinforcement of belief.”

Fail again.. and the belief that “it’s hopeless, I don’t know what is wrong” will eat at you over and over and over again.

How many messages do women receive in a day?

Think about it. If you are trying your luck… and these mobile apps and dating sites are so abundant online… how many other guys are trying the same thing?

How many do messages do the women simply ignore?

10? 20? 50? Even in the ranges of 100+ if they have a “hot” profile picture?

As I’ve said… Most guys have extremely boring & uninteresting profiles, and make the most fundamental of mistakes with their first impression and messages to the women online.

What is the reality of it?

There are simply too many guys, with too many dating apps in mobile phones, with virtually zero results to speak of.

I’ve met plenty.

One guy had a folder with 12 apps in them… Zero dates.

Quality over quantity? Or vice-versa?

How many guys will keep trying the same thing without improvement not progress, and hope that something will change?

Definition of insanity = “doing same thing repeatedly, expecting different results.”

My honest and frank conclusion?

Guys who actually get online dating and mobile apps to work for them, have a specific strategy that is different from the rest of the competition.

I’m not completely dissing the “time-saving” aspect of this trend.

But it is only a useful tool… if you know how to play that game.

Otherwise, you’re flat out wasting your time, energy, and spiralling yourself deeper into a hole you will never crawl out from.

Why engaging in & building social circles, and straight-up approaching still works best to meet women.

What takes months to years of trial and error and frustration in the online world (some guys never get out of that rut… and just age and rot away or finally settle for whatever comes along), takes only a weekend or two, to get real-world practical experience from straight-up meeting women in real life.

Scenario A:

Guy A figures that online dating services “saves him time”, and energy from having to “deal” with awkward and uncomfortable effort to do stuff in real world by “hiding” behind these online dating sites and apps… yet spends weeks and months messaging women with zero results, and concludes that he’s horrible with women, or develops some sort of negative belief or hate that women are just players, etc.

Result: Frustration and no results.

Scenario B: 

Guy B starts going OUT there to do more stuff e.g. take a class, join some new activity group, or building an active social circle of like-minded friends, expands his experience and horizons quickly over a few weeks of solid “work”.

Result: Changes his lifestyle and starts seeing different results and choices.

Scenario C:

Guy C sees a girl he fancies on the streets… goes up, makes an introduction (in a way most women actually welcome and fantasize about), and gets her number, proceeds to hang out shortly after, and find themselves in a meaningful relationship. 

Ahh.. the one fantasy every guy wishes he could pull off… especially in Singapore.

Result: “Superhuman” powers that can be repeated any time he wants to get the level of dating success he wants… whenever he wants.

Which guy would you rather be?

I’d pick Scenario B or C any day.

It’s just a better use of time, which once spent… is gone for good.

The best thing a guy can do… is to be Guy C… make those approaches… and combine them with Scenario B.. and form his own social circle where he is the leader of men… and women.

Women follow leaders of men and women.

At this point, you have a choice.

Decide if this entire post has been rubbish, and continue to be Guy A who gets ZERO results… or resolve to make a change to be Guy B or C.

If it’s Guy C… congrats, and check this link out… Click HERE!

You will be pleasantly rewarded should you take this “red pill”… as have others who took the leap of faith.

You deserve that success.

Empower yourselves, guys!

Rooting for you,

Executive Coach
ModernMan Academy

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