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Is The Girl You Are With The Right One For You?

Received a rather unusual email, seeking “relationship” advice today.

Possibly a young chap with an equally young girlfriend, whom he and his friends suspect… is cheating on him, and also not keen to show any involvement in his family life, yet chooses to wilfully spend his money on her own luxuries.

There’s always 2 sides to a story, so it’s hard to get exactly all the details.

Now.. disclaimer.. we are NOT a dating column that exists to respond to these emails and provide relationship solutions, but I thought it was perhaps just extending a helping hand, to allow him to ask himself the right questions about his own situation, and figure out what he really wants.

To put it in summary, most guys fall into the zone of “settling” for any girl who happens to drop into his life.

Next thing he knows, probably a good 3-6 months has passed, and worst, even 1-2 years.

Now during this X number of months spent together… if neither of them are working continuously to improve themselves in their lives and on their relationship… the routine stuff will naturally fall into place.

That’s where the danger comes in…

She meets someone more fun. Or he gets a facebook msg from some ex/former school mate who just broke up with her boyfriend…

With all the social media and easy access to information online these days, and the “if it doesn’t work out, breakup” mindset of people these days… it’s so simple to just walk away and find someone else.

But having said that, it’s not necessarily that easy to just find someone else.

Most people repeat that same type of relationship over and and over in their lives… because they keep “settling”.

But suppose you are a guy who’s been “around the block”, and have had your fair share of experience with women and relationships… and always working to improve yourself… then you will have a clearer idea of who you really are looking for.

Very few guys will have the options of simply just walking out there, and meeting random people everywhere and find someone new.

Many return to whatever they used to do, before they met the last girl they were with e.g. social circles (most of which are not by choice), or whatever activity group they were part of.

Imagine if you had the knowledge and skill to simply feel so damn good about yourself… and just walk out onto the streets anywhere, see a woman you fancy, and chat her up!

That would certainly be a game-changer for any guy’s confidence.

I’m not saying to breakup without cause. What I’m saying is… you gotta first know what you really want, who you are at the core, and also what values you bring to a relationship.

Guys who seek to improve themselves actively, will find fulfilling relationships awaiting them.

Those who do not, will find themselves at the short end of the stick, and always fearful of ending up alone someday.

Spend some time to reflect, people.

Empower yourselves, guys.

Rooting for you,

Lead Instructor
ModernMan Academy

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