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Happy 2015, Singapore!

It’s a brand new start to a new and awesome year!

We trust that you have made resolutions that will take your life goals to the next level, and bring about more success with everything that you desire to resolve to do in 2015.

By taking the effort to be with us here at ModernMan Academy… is a sign that you are an action-taker.

Hi-Five to that!

95% of men will not, and you are definitely not in that category.

We are thankful for your following of our blog, and look set to provide you with more excellent content that you are interested in, and to keep giving you value and practical advice about dating and women in Singapore’s context.

And a reminder…

Make 2015’s Valentine’s Day your best one ever… it’s in 44 days!

A well-prepared guy wins 50% of his battles before they are fought. Fail to plan, and you plan to fail. Get in the habit of taking action!

Our blogs are the easiest way to get started to learn, and have a solid foundation, so you can attract and create meaningful relationships with the women you want.

Do let us know how else better we can serve and assist you, be it contents or how to improve our stuff… just write in to us at, and we’ll do our best to see how we can help!

After all… without YOU… there is no ModernMan Academy.

We are grateful and thankful for YOU. 🙂

Make 2015 count!
Rooting for you,

Lead Instructor
ModernMan Academy

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