How To Date Girls On Valentine’s Day In Singapore

It’s the big Valentine’s Day in Singapore.

 You do not need to be attached or in love on the big V. Heck, you don’t even need to date. I’m serious.

That’s not to say that the bunch of you out there happily attached should not grab your chance to express your affections and love for your significant other. You can do that, and you should do that, if you have a significant other.
If you don’t, you shouldn’t despair either. Now, for the uninitiated, not having someone in mind for the big V is supposed to be a depressing thought. You wonder, “Why is everyone around me attached and having romantic dates while i sulk in my lil corner and feel pathetic. Why am I destined to be this unlucky. Why can’t I get a partner despite the fact that I’m better lookin than all of those fat old dudes with supermodel girlfriends.”
Well, fuck that. Why anyone sees spending the big V without a romantic partner as terrible is something that I’ll never understand. I wouldn’t want to understand that crap. If you ask me, Valentine’s Day should be perceived in one of the following 2 ways.
For the happily attached -> Perfect day for you to up the ante and show all those affections for your partner. Then again, you really should be doing that everyday. Shame on you if you aren’t.
For the singles -> Perfect day to get to know some other people and socialize! Come on, think about it. You’re not the only one single. You’re not the only one with a stronger desire for romance. THERE ARE OTHERS OUT THERE TOO! If this isn’t one of the best opportunity to meet em, I wouldn’t know which is.
Point is, the big V is but a day. In fact, its a day when mainstream dating becomes ridiculously expensive and prices are jacked way beyond their usual level. I’ve nothing against going on a date on the big V, I just don’t see why I can’t have an equally awesome date on any other day. Nobody needs to be pressured into doing anything, as long as they don’t bash themselves up over it.
Just last year, the crew over at Modernman spent v-day out having shit loads of fun with our buddies. We teared a pub apart and had huge amounts of tremendously fun moments. We even got to know some other fun people in the process! 
See? The big-V doesn’t need to be spent with a romantic partner does it?
Rofl. To respond to those morons would be akin to having a war of wits with the handicapped. I’m too gracious for that 😉
All in all, go out and have fun on v-day, with or without your partner. If you don’t have one, its the perfect day to meet potential ones.
Now, on to getting my Suma cum Laude,

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