How to pick up girls in Singapore

Day in day out, i see random people doing random things when they’re trying to pick up girls in singapore. I see guys throwing the “who lies more” weird thingy pick up line all over the place, waiting, hoping for something in return. Bah!!

LOOK, i am extremely tired from reiterating myself since 2007. If you are even being analytical about “GAME”, you already lose half the battle.

Analyzing = Outcome dependence

Beautiful things have been taking place all these while, seeing so many guys who came to me and changing into a better person. A person that is attractive to women at the core.

Being in this dating field for close to 8 years, i’ve since became really lazy. I don’t do any openers anymore. I don’t think anymore, I’m not even focus on picking up girls. I just go out there to really have fun and have a great time. 

Rather, it’s more of like ” hey i like you. oh you hate me? ok, but i still like you, dun you like me now? oh you still hate me? fine. have a nice day then!” * OFF TO HAVE FUN! *

It’s YOU LIKE ME, i’ll stay and see how nice you can entertain me. If YOU HATE ME, your loss.

Some say : Hey, that’s not game! Fucking liar!

Hey guess what? Game and pick up girls isn’t about theories and techniques.


All the little techniques and tricks will allow you to realise the areas in your life you are lacking, but it will not address the core issues biting on your self esteem all these while when you’re trying to pick up girls in singapore. 

For those who eventually evolve into someone awesome, they spent time talking to themselves, trusting their own instincts and experiences. And they grow. STRONGER.

I took 8 whole years. And i felt so stupid and dumb. Cos i realised it is actually all so simple.

If you aint’ comfortable with yourself in the first place to begin with, you ain’t goin anywhere.

If you ain’t trusting your own wants and needs, your own experiences and will forever be a supplicating, approval seeking freak.

Some say it’s not game when you can make a girl laugh.

But guess what? It really isn’t about which game is the best game. It is really about how fast you can escalate and pump those positive emotions.

And for your info, EMOTIONS = ENERGY IN MOTIONS.

Whatever you feel, she feel.

You want to open with a funny can opener, you better make sure you have the ability to shift gears really fast within the next 5 minutes to express your true intensions. Else, you better be prepared enough to handle funny congruence tests she’ll be throwing your way.

I approach knowing what i want, how i want it to be.

“Hey you are so damn cute, i need to talk to you” or Hey I notice you from over there and I just got to come over and say you look beatutiful in that dress of yours.

And with such a direct opener, you better make sure you look sharp, and you smell heavenly. You better make sure you are able to deal with the initial tests she’ll throw your way by standing your ground and believing you want her.

There are risks involve when you deliver such powerful full blown in your face interest.

You’ll get a funny shrug and a (i cant hear what you are saying!), even though you’ve been screaming in her damn ears. That’s all. LOL

Fucking stupid woman. Run away. Practice if you are a newbie. Plough. But once you start having realise you walk away with ease. And you’ll want to. And… get turned off.

That’s when you start behaving like a friggin 10. Yea, of course, tongues will wag..”why did you eject? you can throw in another routine man! Com’on, you having fear?!”

It’s time you man up, grow up. Stop being affected by things like that. Often times when you walk away, and she sees you having fun with other girls, that’s when the fun really begins.

There is nothing wrong with not wanting to approach a girl, and just chillin the night away.

That’s if you already do not seek validation from picking up girls. And to get need to face a huge load of rejections…

Do not laugh, do not ridicule.

The one who succeeds is the one who faces his fears straight on, who dares to fail.


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