How To Talk To Singapore Girls On Tinder & Paktor!

how to talk to singapore girls on tinder and paktor

(Disclaimer: Please note that there are many fake profiles and “girls” on such apps. They exist to con, scam and cheat gullible guys who will easily fall prey to their schemes and wind up in serious trouble. If you don’t know how to play this game, there are many who will tool you just for free food and drinks. It’s well documented and proven. Be warned.)

The top 5% of Guys who know exactly how to, are using Tinder & Paktor to get tons of girls to hang out with them, and have lots of intimate fun hookups (read: sex).

Unfortunately, the other 95% get nearly ZERO results and waste their time with it. Read why here.

Unfair? Of course it is! Either you learn this game, or you just get played by yourself and your delusions that your own creative funny lines will get her to be interested in you.

These girls use tinder and paktor, because they want to be approached and if they match with you it means they are already waiting for you to say something first.

The downside is… there’s probably another 100 guys trying their luck.

Your initial message is extremely important to stand out among the rest of the horde of desperate wolves.

Good News: Most guys don’t read awesome advice like this article, they have really poor text skills. The best they can do is usually “hi how are you?” or a delusional-funny-or-creative line they learned online (or made up themselves) that really isn’t.

Best time to chat her up

what time is it fap meme

Don’t chat with her immediately after you matched, that’s just plain needy and being too available. Sometimes girls may start a chat with you first so, which is a big move on her side. But usually rare.. and beware. 🙂

By writing her immediately you are probably killing your chance. But don’t wait more than few hours. (Seriously… beware of these initiators though… possible fake & scam profiles… or gold diggers trying their luck!)

Most guys are boring as fcuk!

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If you look into a Tinder or Paktor Account of a local Singapore girl, you will see that 95% of the are boring as fcuk. Typical conversation starters are like: “How are you?” “Hey Name” “What are you doing?” “You are cute”.

Girls just wanna have fun!

have fun abort mission i repeat abort mission meme

The primary reason girls sign up on tinder and paktor is for fun, and because her friends do it too (do note they also love to compare “notes” to show off, and laugh at the guys who are awful). If you’re boring like 99 other guys, the next guy is just a few seconds away.

Bear in mind that she has so much more choices than in real life and her real-life social circle, or being approached on the streets.

In real-life, you can go up to any girl and talk to her, and she may show interest… and if you’re cool and funny… and most importantly: is not desperate, clingy or needy when she isn’t interested.

It’s so much easier to ignore a boring guy on Tinder & Paktor.

The primary goal of your tinder and paktor lines should be to give her a reason to chat with you. You do this by using a funny or interesting pick up line like the examples you find below.

Most Tinder/ Paktor Lines are BS…

95% of pickup lines are meant to be funny, and don’t really work. She will only get a laugh out of it if it’s something that’s she’s not heard of and is funny or creative.

Best Tinder/ Paktor Lines that work:


– Brightest & most genuine smile I’ve seen on Tinder!
– You have no idea how many times I’ve had to swipe left to find you!
– You shall be my new girlfriend… on probation. =D

– Hey Tinderella/ PaktorQueen.
– I’ve had a serious crush on you since 1967, January 1, 5:21AM…
– I’m 1.8m tall, dark and devilishly good-looking, but most importantly, I’m really humble.

Mean/ Vague
– You seem like bad news… hmm. =)
– Brightest & most genuine smile I’ve seen on Tinder… are you real? =)
– Will talking to you get me in trouble with the Tinder/ Paktor police?
– Seriously… ? I can’t believe they approved your profile on Tinder/ Paktor!
– I know this profile’s fake, but what’s the name of the model in the pic you used?
– Adding another imaginary friend to my Tinder / Paktor list… please be one of them?


I’m not going to dwell too deep and long on this subject of mobile dating apps, but hopefully you guys got some value out of this.

My stand has always been that most guys are seriously wasting their time with it, and get delusioned by false hopes due to the fact that it’s so “easy” to chat with girls… or “girls”.

The goal of this article is simply to help many guys who are struggling on getting even a first chat started well.

But nothing beats the rush, adrenaline and actual chemistry of meeting a real girl in real life.

True Fact: Not having proper “game” and true confidence, will still lose you the girl when you eventually meet her offline. Surely you don’t want to waste shit-loads of time on Tinder and Paktor just to have her meet you and go she thinks to herself: “omg.. next better guy.”… right??

I repeat… text game is useless if you have no true “game” in real life to handle the opposite sex.

Girls want a real life guy who can make them laugh, fun to be with, provide a sense of safety, and have true inner confidence to take over the world on his terms.

Learn to be the confident guy that girls really want!

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Empower yourselves, guys!

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