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It’s amazing how things changes.

I as walking back from supper and I spotted a cute girl with her boyfriend (apparently) from a distance away.

The first thought that crossed my mind was: “She may not be happy in that relationship.”

 The next was: “Wow.. 8 years ago I would have thought otherwise.”

Now, I’m not saying that it’s a good way to think, but it’s literally universes apart from how most people would see things, given the same situation, isn’t it?

Typical thought-pattern of convention thinking:

“Oh she’s attached.. .too bad.”
“She has a boyfriend.. forget it, what’s the use of even trying?”

And so it ends there… or does it?

Let’s just say my point-of-view opens up a whole new world of possibilities. In that instance I could decide to find out if she’s happy with her current situation.

Instead of “too bad”, I wondered “what if she isn’t happy?”.

So it came to the conclusion that people do and can change. It just takes time, effort and the willingness to.

Inner confidence takes a long time for most people. Guys in this dating community often encourage the development of both outer and inner confidence. They compliment each other.

Sitting at home reading 10 hours of self-improvement books won’t help if you don’t get out there and experience it first hand.

Going out there with no technique, adequate skills nor the appropriate mindset for 10 hours will only teach you what not to do the next time, and perhaps if you’re lucky, you find something that works. Worse if you never learn from your mistakes.

Do both.

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