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How To Score With Women In Singapore!

Okay.. that title was really more of an attention grabber than anything.

More appropriately titled.. it would be “How To Be The Type Of Man A Quality Woman Is Attracted To.”

But raunchy titles get more air-time, don’t they?

Disclaimer: This post isn’t for the faint-hearted boys and white-knight men who believe in their own bullcrap about sex.

Let’s… explore… 🙂

What Do Women Really Want?

Let’s be adults here…

There’s a reason why we are all existing on this planet today.

It’s called reproduction.


In an earlier blog post (click here to read it), I specifically mentioned that a woman who has experienced really awesome sex (complete with orgasms and all that shit)… will continuously seek it out, consciously or not.

Sex without climax or a finish… is like you jerking off to pornography and not finishing the job. Feels like crap, isn’t it?

Yep. Women feel the same way too… unfortunately, most of them never really experience orgasms or climax with their partners.

If more men understand how their body systems work… they will finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Knowledge is power.. but make sure it’s well applied.. and practiced to a finer finish.

Don’t be a sloppy lover.

If you are a masterful lover in bed, she will know it.

And she will either tell her closest friends about it (if you aren’t a boyfriend for long term), or keep you all to herself as long as she can.

Simply because 9 out of 10 guys SUCK in bed.

There’s so much involved in this entire process of sex and lovemaking that most men would never scratch even the tiniest bit on the surface of… till the day they die… and even after being reincarnated for 20 life times in 39 different galaxies.

But lucky you. Today will set you free… if you explore this rabbit hole that most men are clueless about.

Stop watching so much porn. It’s not real. Learn some fancy positions and stuff, yeah. The rest is pretty much impractical and most women hate being in those situations etc. Just ask them. 🙂

I might share a clip on how much pain and suffering professional porn stars have to endure during filmings etc… in a future post, but let’s get back to topic.

Oh… you don’t talk about sex to women? I guess talking about neurology or astrophysics is clearly more interesting to women.

It’s their FAVORITE subject.

(Side track: For those women who are disagreeing… it’s fine, you feminazi you.. You probably either never had great sex.. or just had “lovers” who were pretty horrible. Poor you. Aww.. hugs xoxo)

I don’t care if you are the CEO of 10 freakin companies, or some billionaire… sure.. that makes for some nifty gadgets and crazy lifestyles…

But if you suck in bed.. she’s gonna go get it elsewhere, but thanks for the ferrari anyway.. or Gucci.. whatever.

Providers.. are not the same as Lovers. Get that straight.

There are hybrids that are the very rare minority, and certainly are the 1% of men.

Simply because most men either never become masterful lovers, or become so filthy rich to buy islands and build skyscrapers, much less being able to do BOTH in one lifetime.

So you either give her multiple screaming orgasms… or you can buy her 365 Prada bags… one a day. You pick.


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By the way… this post isn’t geared towards trying to sell you some online sex course affiliate crap. 

I’m just telling it the way it is.

Those who know.. know.

Those who don’t know… well… you know what they say about Fight Club… Rule #1.

But today, you have a choice to go do some research, and learn something.

It will serve it well till the day you die, turn gay (then go learn what turns men on), or can’t get a rise outta it.

If you need directions where to begin, feel free to drop us a friendly note in our contact page, and I’ll gladly help you out.

If your ego suggests that you already know everything about the subject.. well, jolly good for you.

It’s takes a PhD to think so… Permanent Head Damage.



What Do Men Really Want?

Video clip explains the mystery surrounding what men really want.

I guess we all have an agreement. End of class.

LOL… I’ll touch on that topic in another post.


Weekend’s here!

Hope you awesome people are out there getting laid, having tons of sex and clean, healthy fun.

Otherwise… you may want to re-look your life and reflect about why that’s not happening for you.

Empower yourselves, guys!


Rooting for you,

Lead Instructor
ModernMan Academy


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