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Should Women In Singapore Send Local Men To Dating Coaches?

This post is really to address the women in Singapore.

(Disclaimer: This applies to a majority of local men, not 100%. There are winners and keepers out there, but in general, most local women bitch about our guys with these usual complaints.)

Stop complaining about our local guys who are not “man-enough”, “have no money”, “doesn’t have a high paying job”, “are boring and not fun”, “no class & no etiquette”, “clueless in bed”, etc.

You can play a part by being the catalyst for nation-wide change in the quality of our local boys.

Yes. Boys.

Earlier I wrote an article in our women’s defence, titled “Are Singaporean Women Materialistic?” — only because it’s true.

Let us review a typical Singaporean guy’s timeline:

(Disclaimer: Most guys. Not all… But the truth hurts, doesn’t it?)

1. Spent 10 years in Primary/Secondary school. Goes to JC, Poly, or ITE.

2. Likely to end up in one of the main local universities. Not every parent can afford an overseas education for their son(s). Suhaimi Yusof from Mediacorp (The Noose) was quoted $70k for the 1st year for his son to study in Australia. For some reason, SMU or SIM guys will be generally more outgoing and interesting (culture difference in campus), as compared to their NTU and NUS counterparts.

3. Has “lost” 2 competitive years in his career to serve the Nation first… and majority of them have a “bad experience” and whine about NS for the rest of their lives.

4. Conditioned by media and society to be “gentlemanly” and submissive. Passive and afraid to speak up, offend, or be the outstanding individual. They want sex and date a lot of hot girls, but are afraid to admit it for fear of judgment. (Look girls, don’t deny that you want the same thing with hot guys and sex. We know. This blog post addresses it.)

5. Unlikely to have been well-travelled and spent a majority of his life in Singapore, and not exposed to the 1,001++ cultures around the world.

6. Does not read much into personal development literature (Stephen King, X-Men, Naruto and Bleach doesn’t count), and usually more interested in very surface-level stuff like the latest phones, movies, and what’s good to eat in town.

7. Not exactly involved in any major project that can change the world for the better, and usually stuck in some “dead-end”  deskjob, and complaining about his boss and co-workers all the time.

8. The idea of being successful in life is to get married and have a BTO. Getting married for a flat just to divorce 2 years later.. seriously?

9. Plans for retirement with a few insurance policies, nothing exciting. Just getting by… surviving… Life is hard in Singapore, isn’t it? Inflation isn’t helping too.

11. Ends up whining about girls in Singapore being high-maintenance, materialistic, and impossible to please. Probably seeks to “downgrade” by settling for girls who are from other countries, and quite a few also frequent Thai Discos in hope of finding “real love”. Many get conned, scammed out of their hard-earned money.

12. Bonus: Also trying his luck with online dating sites and mobile apps… and getting nowhere

(To be fair… there’s also a majority of women who fail into many of those 10 points above… but our issue is with raising the standards of men in Singapore. We’ll address those ladies next time, promise.)


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What most guys in Singapore are NOT ready for:

1. How to speak “Womanese” and connect emotionally with women. They do all the wrong things that most women are turned-off by. No one tells them any practical advice, for fear of hurting their egos, or “ruining the friendship”.

2. Being his best attractive self forward, and striving to keep improving himself, for fear of standing out and being judged.

3. When the bedroom calls, he is clueless about a woman’s body, aside from the useless and misleading porn that he watches online. (He’s lying if he doesn’t watch any.)

Not exactly very attractive to a woman eh?

You want to meet a guy who’s ready, and not have to teach him what to do.

How YOU can help:

Do you know a guy who’s trying so hard to “chase” you… to the point that he’s crossing the line and annoying you with excessive text/calls/fb chats? Doesn’t take “hints” very well? Have guy friends who seemingly have zero luck with women?

Send him >> HERE. <<


It will ultimately increase the standards of men in Singapore to be more attractive and confident. It takes just 3-6 months, and a completely new butterfly emerges from that cocoon awaiting to be transformed.

It’s not some sleazy, lame pickup crap. 

It makes it more likely to satisfy the ideals that you are seeking for in local men, and end up in more fulfilling relationships.

Do it now, and reap the rewards later… we promise.

Half a year from now, and you’ll see a lot more confident and assertive local men who know how to be the attractive kind of guys you’ve always dreamed about, but rarely get to meet in Singapore.

(Note: Make sure these coaches are qualified, and not the BS “oh… just be yourself… the right girl will come along who understands you…” type of coach. They charge $150 per hour, and 2 hours minimum too!)

It’s just false hope, bad advice, and a dirty scam.

Read this article if you disagree with the above statement. 

You’ll be doing both men and women in Singapore a huge favour.

For the guys…

If you are offended by the contents of this article… you have every right to feel so.

But dig deeper and ask yourselves why you feel that, and how much brutal and painful truth there was for you in this blog post.

If it doesn’t apply to you, congratulations.

You are the rare few who’s also probably happy with your dating life, and relatively successful in life as well.

Don’t let social conditioning turn you into a squishy sheep.

Take responsibility and step up.

If this doesn’t wake up both genders in 2015, probably nothing else will.

Make 2015 a better year for Singaporeans.

Lead Instructor
ModernMan Academy


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