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Women In Singapore Are Bored… And Want To Date Fun & Attractive Guys!


We are all familiar with the term “girls just wanna have fun”… but unfortunately, most men in Singapore keep repeating the “same old same old” routines with them.

Movies… eating stuff… shopping…

Oh seriously come on. 2 hours in the theater and hoping for a common topic to talk about? Try harder, boys.

Be her shopping bag bellboy? $10 per hour industry wages you get paid?

If the girl wants to shop so much, she’s really happier shopping with her friends or by herself… unless she’s a gold-digger type which in that case… run, boys!

Eating stuff.. sure.. that’s at least more exciting than the other 2… if you know how to make things happen with instagram and role-playing. *winks*

Don’t get me wrong when I say “She Wants To Date Fun & Attractive Guys”…

You don’t need to have the good looks of a Korean movie star.

But you can definitely be a stylish guy who knows his clothes.


Definition of fun dates in my dictionary = Creating awesome memories that will trigger happy and exciting emotions for her during AND after the date. The kind of stuff that gets her telling all her friends about you.

Here’s just a few quick ideas that will set you apart from the other boring guys she’s dated ONCE… and deleted off her facebook friend list:

(Disclaimer: This is assuming she is a fun and spontaneous girl, and requires you to lead her to show you that side of her) 

  • Find a live band club that plays simple danceable latin music… and pick up some really basic dance steps, and spin her some rounds on the dance floor!
  • Challenge her to an xbox kinect game at a game-cafe, while videoing each other to see who’s sillier.
  • Take her out to Sentosa and act as lost tourists, and annoy locals asking for directions.
  • Go to toy stores and behave like kids… start hitting her playfully with styrofoam swords, or giving her princess tiaras and calling her a brat.
  • Google where you can take her to “make your own stuff toy” and out-do her… but remember to give it to her as her prize for being a good sport!
  • 7,981 other fun and creative things you can be doing, just use your head… Duh.

In every scenario… make sure plenty of fun photos are taken and videos as well. Awesome memories. This is the stuff dream dates are made of.

It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Really.

2 hours in a movie theater and thinking how to get closer and plant your arm over her?



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This stuff I just shared.. is pure gold.

Don’t believe me? Go try it out next time.

Empower yourselves, guys. You CAN be that smooth guy in the movies who gets the women effortlessly.

Rooting for you,

Lead Instructor
ModernMan Academy


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