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Are Singaporean Girls Materialistic?

A reader submitted a question asking if “Singaporean girls are materialistic?

I decided to reply him with this blog post instead, and to address this “roadblock” that many local Singaporean men face when it comes to dating local girls.

The Answer is… YES!

But wait… SO ARE YOU.. and almost everybody else on this planet living in modern day society!

I can hear an uproar of violent objections already.





Let’s be adults and explore this for a little bit.. and nurture that bruised ego of yours for a little while.

Ask yourself:

Wouldn’t you love to have the latest iPhone? (Or perhaps you’re an Android lover.. so replace that with the latest Samsung whatever.)

Wished you could take a cruise or trip around the world and not have to work all day?

Ever wondered how nice it would be to have shit loads of dispensable cash to buy all kinds of shit?

Always wanted to eat good stuff in restaurants (and instagram it to show-off to Facebook friends too)?

Wouldn’t it be great to have celebrity friends so you can leverage on their fame and raise your status?

Think about your own passion or hobbies.. love to have a new pair of Levi’s, the latest tennis racket or golf club, or RC helicopter, or the latest GTR, or latest pair of Adidas football gear?

How different is that from a woman who wants a Prada or Louis Vuitton, or looking to live a better life?

Same same, my friend.

Our Modern Society?

Our modern-day society as a whole… is bombarded with what the “top 5% of decision makers in the world” think we should have, do, and act, in our daily lives.

Conditioning every single day by the government, media, advertisements, and watching everyone else around us doing the same thing.

“Everyone has an iPhone/Samsung… I need one too. Everyone posts fun pics and videos of having fun on Facebook, I should too…” – mentality.

Don’t you want a better lifestyle? I dare you to say no and seriously mean it.


Some may work hard for it.

Some may look for that easy way out and find a rich guy(s)… or woman.

Some con and cheat others for it.

Some even go to more extreme methods of “selling” themselves for it.

“There is no right or wrong. Thinking makes it so.” – Mark Twain.

Here’s a UK documentary about a group of women who pride themselves on taking whatever they want from men who will give it to them:

Most of these women will NOT sleep with these “Provider” men.


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What This Got To Do With Dating and Singaporean Women?

Here’s the thing… the constant gripe Singaporean men have with the women here is “Singaporean girls are so materialistic.”

Look, bro… it’s the same everywhere.

As long as we live in modern-day context.

Only the rare few would be less concerned with these “finer things in life.”

But majority of people are not.

Most of us just want a better lifestyle. Nothing wrong with that.

When a girl chooses to hang out with you, it could be for these TWO MAIN reasons:

#1. She’s bored… just killin’ time.

#2. She’s attracted to you. Don’t fuck it up.

She wants something from you (either #1 or #2).

Otherwise she could jolly well be doing other things with her time and energy.

Your job when hanging out with her?

Make it fun and memorable.

It can be simple yet completely engages her emotionally.

It makes you stand out among the 1,438 guys she’s ever dated.

(Side note: Here’s a previous blog post that talks about why “Women in Singapore Are Bored“… and it gives you some creative ideas on how to make a date much more fun.)

You don’t need to impress her with your imaginary Ferrari, huge condo that your parents own (not you), or a whole bunch of credit cards that you’ve already maxed out to pay for your lavish lifestyle. Bragging kills all forms of attraction. Major turn-off. 

OK, OK.. some of you are truly well-to-do and can really afford that stuff.. that’s great. Awesome for you. Kudos. Respect.

Who I’m addressing in this post… are the majority of guys who think “Women Are Materialistic”, and let that stop them from achieving their dating goals… and dating quality women of their choice.

It really is a limiting belief to have.

Start thinking about your own inner voice and beliefs… your current actions and behaviour.. and you will understand the results you are reaping from them now.

(What Do Women Really Want? Click here to read this thought-provoking post.)

If this article made you think and reflect… great. That was really what it’s intended to do. 

Most guys probably won’t share this around, and think it’s crap.

No flying fuck given, I write what I like. It’s just real-world.

Everyone’s materialistic to some degree. 

Empower yourselves, guys!

Rooting for you,

Lead Instructor
ModernMan Academy


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