Testimonials and success stories depicted here are genuine, documented and verifiable. Names are shortened/ masked for confidentiality.

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“The live in-field coaching was really the best part of the entire course… that shattered my reality of what was possible in Singapore. Having been fed lies and conditioned to believe everything wrong about women and dating, I have experienced multiple failures in my life for the last 32 years, and have suffered week after week of pain thinking that I would never meet the girl of my dreams. I’m so happy that I finally found a girlfriend after dating a few quality girls I met through my new skills and behaviours — I raised my standards by a lot — and have decided that she is the one I wish to spend my time with for a greater part of my life. Without this course and Gate’s coaching, I would still be miserable and alone every weekend, with my old social circle of friends that got me nowhere. If you are thinking about doing something in your life, this is it. Gate, my bro… I owe you for life.” – Damien Sim

“3 months ago, I was unsure when I first came across the website. I was naturally skeptical due to being Singaporean, and mindful of scams that are rampant these days on the internet. It took me a few weeks of hesitation and consideration before I finally reached out and made contact. Meeting Gate is truly one of the best things that has ever happened to me in my life! I had lived the last 27 years of my life resigned to my own fate and believed that I was a complete failure with women, always getting rejected and seen as a friend, but my friends always seemed to have pretty girlfriends and not have problems meeting women. I work as a regional manager for an MNC, but have always been nervous and shy around women that I am attracted to. The bootcamp changed all that. The skills I took away from Gate’s coaching, changed the way I saw the world, and allowed me to believe in myself, that I deserve whatever it was that I wanted in my life. Today, I spend a good part of my time with dating quality and attractive women that I meet in all kinds of situation I find myself in, and also continuously improving my social life and skills. I cannot recommend this course enough. It isn’t just about meeting more women. It’s about you being a better man. It is the real magic bullet. I am forever in your debt, Gate. Thanks!” – Wee Kiat.

“Joining Gate’s bootcamp opened up a new world to me. It widened my horizons and was one amazing experience after another! Before the bootcamp, walking up to a female stranger and chatting her up seemed weird and something I would never do. Astonishingly, by the end of it, I had several interactions, improving each time under the close guidance of Gate! Gate is the real deal. His 9 years of experience show in his mastery in interacting with women, both in the day and especially in the club, his confidence and mindset. He walks the talk so you can see how the tips he gives come together. Lastly and possibly most importantly, he genuinely wishes to help you and ensure your success. Join his bootcamp, if you wish to embark on a very rewarding journey indeed!” – Caden.

“ModernMan Academy has been a great journey and experience. and with instructors Gate and Kyo… they are awesome and patient coaches. At first i had doubts/skeptical to joining the bootcamp because of scams or does it work?? , but i took the leap and got started with the bootcamp. Its was the most best decision I had ever made, joining the bootcamp.. it’s worth my time. I would recommend anyone who has problems with dating or social problems. When you take this bootcamp… Gate and Kyo will help you “Get it Handled.” – Kai.

“Attending Gate’s boot camp was one of the best decisions I have made. I am finally able to understand what women are looking for in a man with the patient coaching of Gate and Kyo. The best part is that the fun is only just beginning after going through both the day and night field trips with Gate. What a liberating experience!” – Boon Heng.

“Gate and Kyo have been amazingly patient and kind-hearted towards me during my time in the bootcamp. In it, I was gently but firmly pushed to explore new boundaries past my old comfort zone. It’s not a simple flip of the switch though. I still struggled to understand why doing certain things made sense. Can asking for directions really work? Isn’t it untruthful to myself? I don’t need directions! How about being fun loving and lighthearted? Can I really be this person?I spent the next day after bootcamp opening up to people and communicating a lot more. I felt a lot more free and at ease! Ultimately, the bootcamp was a great spark in making me a more expressive person, and I am much happier to be that way. I strongly encourage anyone looking to challenge the fears and social conditioning in themselves to get support, and for what it’s worth, this bootcamp is well recommended. Many thanks, Gate and Kyo!” – Benjamin.

“Working with Gate has been a fantastic experience. He takes the time to evaluate your skill, never talks down to you and speaks to you as a peer. He is constantly encouraging, always keeping it real and consistently reinforces the lessons he teaches. The field trips, the real time feedback on everything you’re doing right (and wrong) were immeasurably helpful to me. He’s opened my eyes to a whole new range of opportunities.” – Nicholas Tay.

“For a small sum of money, we definitely got more than what we could bargain for! Beyond the hours of patient explanation during the theory class, beyond the guidance at the field trip, what impressed me is the truthfulness and geniality of the instructors and the fact they really care to make a difference in your life. To make a difference not only superficially by giving you fashion tips on how to dress your best to enhance your attractiveness, but to make a difference at a deeper level, one that strikes the core of our belief and challenges us to walk out of our comfort zone, emerging a more confident and naturally more attractive person. Anyone can walk into the boot camps unpolished and dull, but trust me, you’ll walk out glowing with confidence and a changed man.” – Spirit.

“Approaching any woman used to be the greatest nightmare for me. After 23 years of loneliness and the yearn to improve my love life, I decided to take the leap of faith by joining the transformation bootcamp. Gate is amazing, smooth, and composed, but the best thing was that he is a splendid teacher. After a couple of live training sessions, it has made me a more confident and intelligent man, not just at approaching women, but having a life once more, an enriching and fulfilling one. The skills that he teaches will get you to be better with women, and discover a part of yourself that is mind-blowing!” – Lyon.

“This is a course that changed the way i viewed my social circle. I always assumed that you can only get to know people from your own social circle for eg. your friends’ friend or an activity you joined to know more friends but hell no. you can meet them and befriend people as soon as you lay your eyes on them. This boot camp provides all the necessary tools to do so. The instructors will bring you to the field, show you how to do it and help you do it correctly. They also teach how to express your unique self through certain tools which will help in the interaction with people instantly. And the most important thing that I realized is that in the long term, it will help build an attractive package that contains certain qualities that will prove valuable either in a relationship or career.” – Walker.

“When I first met gate, I was surprised to see such a young man as my dating coach. However after spending the time with gate, I realized that gate’s charisma and confidence is solidly built on years of experience in the field and successful ‘scores’. Throughout my life I have always lacked self esteem and afraid to meet girls, in fact anyone. I am now advancing on my path to becoming a confident man, widening my social circles and talk to girls anywhere with a snap of my fingers. Some things in life is simple, it’s up to us to take the first step. Admitting our deepest weakness is not a sign of weakness, instead, it’s the beginning of rebirth. What I can say is that I thank gate for delivering what he promised: a life changing course. Some people are lost throughout their life, some too stubborn to change, others skeptical of everything in life. Remember, it’s YOUR life. Live it. My word of advice: If you feel that your life and problems have been similar to mine, take charge of your life and improve it. You will find your journey with Gate benefits far beyond the cost.” – Allen.

“Thanks to Gate’s attraction course and live session, I got my first number. Chatted with her for 40 mins cos she was waiting for her show to start 1 hr later, before getting her contact. It felt like the most natural thing in the world to do followed Gate’s advice of being chatty and talkative after the de-brief, and used the line, “What did you want to be when you were 7?” to build connection. Her eyes lit up with that simple yet mighty open-ended question. Going through Gate’s attraction course and live session does give one the necessary kick to succeed in this fun, adrenaline rushing lifestyle.” – Rabin.

“It’s been a really great week picking up all the skills Gate taught me, his methods are field tested and works really great! Gate explained everything to us in detail and taught us about our body language affects social dynamics. I highly recommend this course. At the end of the live session, Gate gave us valued feedback about what our performance and how we could improve. After the feedback session, Gate even showed us a demonstration live and got the girl’s number! I was so close to Gate I could hear what he said and it was then that I realized that he really practices what he teaches and walks the talk! When he took her number, I was like “No way, man… Is it really that easy?” But Gate proved it to me time and time again. It turns out that it really is really that easy. All you need to do is listen and do what he teaches in the attraction courses!” – Order.

“I was introduced to this community.. Before attending the transformation bootcamp, I was given an idea what it was actually going to be. I was rather skeptical about the ideology. Nevertheless, I decided to give a try. Throughout the boot camp, the materials that were given and the experience that I received from the instructors were awesome. They knew their material really well. It was not all about picking up but it was building a better life with anyone out there…It was definitely an eye-opener when the instructors gave a LIVE demonstration in the an actual social setting. It was amazing. You got to apply what you learned. Plus the instructors helped to correct your mistakes right on the spot and gave honest feedback. This has indeed and truly changed my mind set … So anyone out there, take your first step.” – Steven.

“Gate, Gate, Gate. He is the gate you will enter through and never want to leave, ever. See, this thing isn’t about just approaching girls and getting physical. It’s beyond that. It’s about life. And damn, how I regretted wasting 4 years in computer gaming. Only now I know about life. About love. I just died to live and love another day. Oh, by the way, this is more than a bootcamp. It’s about a club. $697 for a lifetime membership where you will meet friends who will probably be by your side for life. And the important thing is the instructors are more than instructors, they are your friends and they really invest in you. So what the hell are you waiting for?” – Legend.

“To keep it short and sweet, he followed up with me after the Day 2 live coaching, and called me to follow up on my progress. I will continue to improve and interact with more women, to gain more reference experience for the next 3 months. Will see how it goes, but so far the journey has been awesome! Thanks Gate.” – Mikey.

“When we met, I told Gate honestly that he seemed arrogant. But now, I know it was just overflowing confidence. The difference is that Gate is THE REAL DEAL. He walks the talk. The Transformation Bootcamp began jam-packed with great notes and specific instructions on how to build a strong inner game, with morally-correct values. To me, learning the art of socializing with the ladies is invaluable. I want to bring value to my family and friends. If you are hesitant about paying the price of the boot camp, you might be missing out on a turning point of YOUR LIFE.” – Ryan aka Black Onyx.

… and countless others who have gone on in their lives to create their own desired lifestyles and relationships.;

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