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Top 3 Attractive Traits Singaporean Women Want In A Man!

We often hear of women complaining about our local men.

Yet when they talk about the type of guys they really want… 2 things almost NEVER get mentioned.

#1 Good Looks.

#2 Money.

Unless they are purely looking for gold-digging opportunities, and may be lacking in their own self-worth department, that’s another breed, no right, no wrong.. it’s just a preference.

Most quality women today, are perfectly capable of handling most of the finances, or even more well-to-do than men.

So… what do Singaporean women want in guy?

When probed deeper what they truly wish for in a dream mate/lover/significant other, here are the top 3 traits:

#1. Confidence

#2. Sense of Humour

#3. Maturity

Let’s take a look at the 3 traits a little more in-depth…

#1. Confidence

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Confidence is something that is usually vague when people talk about it.

But realize this… that every competent person in the world, earned his confidence by working on it either consciously, or unconsciously. Every single bit of it.

Find stuff you are seriously good at. And realize that not everyone has what it takes to do it as well as you.

If you really have nothing of value or skill to be proud of.. it’s time to do some self-reflection and do something about it. Seriously.

Start feeling really good about other areas in your life, and stuff you can and should be grateful for.

Confidence really comes from feeling good about yourself… to begin with.

You can also “fake it till you make it”. That has proven to work for many people as well.

No right, no wrong. Just how you approach it!

When a guy is confident about his life, his choices and the things he does on a daily basis… that in itself is one of the sexiest things ever to a woman.

 #2 Sense of Humour

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Be the kind of guy who makes her laugh, not via lame or cold jokes, nor being the entertaining court jester of the group… but the one who can look at life and all it’s events, and laugh at it.

It’s a really sexy trait to be able to take any situation and see the light-side of it, and inject humour, yet not at anyone’s expense in a negative way.

Imagine if a guy gets his order wrong in the restaurant, and proceeds to make a big scene out of it to try to impress the girl that he’s in charge/control…

…versus the guy who calmly accesses the situation, makes light humour of it, and is a perfectly in control of his own emotions and responses.

Which guy do you think scores more points with women?

#3. Maturity

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Don’t get me wrong. I’m not telling you to be all serious and no fun at all.

But most guys get upset too easily, or behave like children when things don’t go their way.

A real man wouldn’t be whining all day over something that he knows he can’t control.

A 40-year old man behaving like a 10-year old child is more common than we think.

It’s not about the number of years you’ve breathed oxygen on this planet, but your open-ness and ability to see past a lot of negative things in life that can bring out the nasty bitchy demon in you… or the “comfortable-with-myself” big man.

Take James Bond for example.. even though fictional, his character is such that even in the face of life-threatening danger, he is able to make light of the situation without batting an eyelid, and still make the Bond-chick go gaga over him… while bombs and bullets are exploding and flying all over the scene.

He certainly isn’t whining in a corner mumbling that “life isn’t fair.”

Man up.

Quality women expect that.


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I hope this makes it really clear to most guys who are struggling with their own identities and wondering for a long time, what is truly attractive to women.

Learn what NOT to do… before you start to learn what to do… to become the attractive man that all women desire.

The real man in you deserves and demands it.

Rooting for you,

Lead Instructor
ModernMan Academy


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