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What’s Inside The Heads Of Smoking Hot & Beautiful Women?

The typical male in our modern-day society will never stop to think about this subject, simply because they are too conditioned to react, than to respond with logic.

Blame the media. Blame the magazines. Blame the glitz and glamor.

Just don’t blame the girls.

Some are indeed gold-diggers, but if guys wanna throw money at them for their time and attention, why not take it?

Many of these women are “spoiled” by men who are either extremely rich, or guys who think that that’s the way to attract them. Most of such guys would also worship the ground they walk on.

Deep inside, women will NEVER respect men who worship them like goddesses.

They just want to be respected and appreciated for their personality and feelings.

And they will end up sleeping with guys who are the complete opposite of those worshippers-they-never-asked-for.

Women like them are usually considered “high-maintenance” due to the fact they are conditioned to be pampered and treated like queens.

Can you seriously blame them for wanting to live a lifestyle offered so freely by these eager-beaver men who have no idea how attraction really works… and continue to throw money hoping something sticks?

Here’s a few facts abt smoking hot & beautiful women:

  1. They still have to eat, shit and sleep like everybody else!
  2. They have worries about life challenges and issues as well.
  3. They get hit on by boring and predictable men, all day long, in the public and everywhere else, since they were 16. You try being in their shoes for a day.
  4. They need to be able to weed out creeps and weirdoes fast, because they have more important things to focus on.
  5. Minus the makeup, cosmetics and clothes, many of them you may not even take a second look at out on the streets.

And despite having boyfriends or husbands, a percentage of these girls and women will still cheat and sleep around, or have a lover on the side.

Simply because the guy they are with, isn’t getting any sex… or barely, for being a provider instead of a good lover.

Am I saying only women cheat? Hardly. It’s equal.

Can there be a provider + lover type of guy? Sure. Not the majority, especially when it comes to this “category” of women.

Here’s a UK documentary about a group of women who pride themselves on taking whatever they want from men who will give it to them:

Most of these women will NOT sleep with these “Provider” men.

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But understand this at a deeper level:

Sex is a basic human need! 

A girl who has had amazing orgasm will never forget that feeling and the human body will unconsciously seek it out over and over again.

Most men who study the subject or come to the understanding of this fact.. will no longer view women as the unreal goddesses they once made them out to be.

Respecting women and worshipping them are two separate things. 

Read it again.

Now read it again.

That is where the “game” changes and the “playing field” levelled.

But sadly 95% of men out there will choose to believe otherwise, and continue to their graves, the mistakes they keep making again and again, that repels women from them. These men will be in pain, and hurting from their own blindness till the day they die.

You really should know better… because you are reading this.

Don’t be that kind of guy. Period.

Rooting for you,

Lead Instructor
ModernMan Academy


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