Where To Go Dating In Singapore!

(Disclaimer: There are already a lot of articles online that give creative ideas where to go dating, but what’s more important is how to structure a date, that can provide a positive and emotion-rich experience that the girl will always remember you for. Once that structure is set, you can go anywhere and make it a fun-filled and memorable time, every time!)

Pre-date mindset: You are the most fun guy that can happen in her life. Hanging out with you is worth a million dollars. She is definitely going to love the experience, and she’ll brag to all her friends that you’re the most awesome guy she’s ever met. — definitely better than thinking to yourself: “is she going to have fun?” “what if she doesn’t like the place?” “what if I run out of things to say?” “will i bore her?”

By the way… dates do NOT have to be expensive. Creativity is more important than “price”, but don’t look like a cheapskate who’s not willing to put out a few bucks, girls hate el cheapo guys (a.k.a. kiam kannah).

We’ve seen way too many guys trying to impress with expensive dates and gifts and end up in the “Friend-Zone” or as a supplier of luxury-branded-stuff pleasure for her, nothing more!

If you are going to pay for something, make her “trade” for it… e.g. give you a quick shoulder massage, do a cute dance for you… sing you a line from a song she knows… or pay you a compliment, etc. Make her “invest” in fun ways! You are fun… and you’re worth her trying to impress you, right?

Most guys just pay and treat her like some princess, afraid to offend and say the wrong things… naturally she will take it for granted and feel entitled to everything. That simply “spoils” her and gets you nothing in return. Rewarding bad behaviour is just going down the wrong path for the long term. She’s just going to go sleep with some other guy instead, after getting spoilt by your money (not all, but many proven % cases).

Many guys may also bring girls to interesting and unique places… but fail to imprint really positive emotion-rich experiences to make her want to see you again… and then struggle to “beg her” for a 2nd date which never happens.

teach a man to fish

This article will teach you how to “fish” (how to structure a fun date) instead of giving you the “fish” (where to go dating in Singapore) , so that you can understand the principles… and be able to apply them in your own creative ways to craft your own special dates!

That… is truly unique to you and only with you.

She won’t ever forget it!

Elements Of An Awesome Date In Singapore:


#1. Challenge and push her sensory limits – 

where to go dating in singapore

Requires girl to be: spontaneously fun, creative and loves a good game of “scavenger hunt”

Difficulty level: beginner

E.g. Go to Daiso $2 shop and give her $20 to put together a creative basket of things you guys can use after getting them for your next “location”! Grab a snack, 2 japanese drinks, a comfy pillow, a tiny mat to sit on, and a small flower pot. Be creative! Then hangout somewhere chillax under in the shade at a park… and have a stimulating conversation, or play thumb wars and watch silly videos together on the phone. Take pictures of the “picnic”!

Total damage: $20++

Time spent: 2-3 hours


#2. Active and hands-on experience –

where to go dating in singapore

Requires girl to be: daring to try new things, somewhat open to be risk looking silly together with you

Difficulty level: intermediate

E.g. Doing stuff that’s edgy and bordering with potential physical stimulation is far more memorable than simply having a mundane conversation over a meal or watching a movie.  Go ice-skating! Don’t know how to skate? Just go do it anyway but don’t act like a pussy. Dare to take risks falling on your backsides together… but its a great way to hold hands to keep balance and cling on to the wall edges and baby-step your way around the rink! Laugh at each other! Physical connection is a guarantee – builds comfort and trust! Don’t forget to video the experience!

Total damage: $45++


#3. Provides adrenaline and mental stimulation – 

where to go dating in singapore

Requires girl to be: willing to follow your lead to look silly, fun-loving, spontaneous

E.g. Bring her to a gaming shop where you can rent a couch and an XBox for $10 an hour, and challenge her to Dance games or music games, but make sure to lead and be silly first. Take videos and pictures. Just go crazy playing the games and have fun. If you are comfortable being silly, she will follow your lead.

Difficulty level: intermediate

Total damage: $20++

Time spent: 2-3 hours


#4. Build a private-bubble connection (you & me… vs the world) – 

where to go dating in singapore

Requires girl to be: very spontaneous and fun-loving, open to being social with strangers

Difficulty level: expert

E.g. Take her to Merlion park (or a place tourists will visit) and act as tourists, ask people to take funny pictures for you both, and act blur asking for directions to fun places in Singapore. Go to Sentosa! Play harmless pranks on strangers together. Meet new people with her together just for kicks! How often does a girl in Singapore get to do this? Only with you!

Total damage: $0++

Time spent: 1-2 hours


#5. Opportunities to role-play and be silly – let loose and behave like kids

where to go dating in singapore

Requires girl to be: fun-loving and somewhat comfortable to show her child-like side (to you)

Difficulty level: intermediate

E.g. Go to Toys ‘R ‘Us and play with the toys, hit each other with rubber swords and pose for pictures with stuff dolls etc. Laugh at silly toys that look retarded. Just don’t go crazy and end up spending $100 on some bear to “impress her”. You can always say you need to shop around for a gift for your baby cousin/niece/pet guinea pig… etc.

Total damage: $100++ toy for your guinea pig. lol.

Time spent: 1-2 hours


#6. Multiple locations – gives the “illusion” of having spent more time together

where to go dating in singapore

Requires girl to be: comfortable hanging out with you, enjoys window shopping

Difficulty level: beginner

E.g. Take her to Haji Lane (near Bugis) and browse through the quaint shops that sell one-of-a-kind hand-made gifts. There are so many shops there that have thousands of interesting items that cannot be found in your regular shopping malls. There is so much to see, talk about, and get to know her as you both spend some really uninterrupted quality time together. And grab an iced-tea at a nearby bistro for a break, and connect some more! Optional to buy a special inexpensive trinket to remember the experience by… and always take a pic of her wearing it, or video!

Total damage: $30++

Time spent: 2-3 hours


Important tip to make it extremely memorable for her: 

Take lots of pictures, selfies, and videos – edit them to really personalize them!

Use special apps to really personalize the photos and videos. Videos can be taken with a “scary” effect or retro old school film effect. Photos can be in psychedelic colours or given various effects to stand out. Take a pic together at a unique location and use colour splash effect photo apps to black/white the background but leave the colour on for both of you etc.

Have fun editing it TOGETHER.

Vintage Camera App

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 14.29.16 Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 14.29.02

Use the Vines app to create 6 second silly videos together, draw inspiration by watching others’ vines on the internet, and get her involved, add vintage camera effects etc… possibilities are endless!

Vines App

Colour splash photo apps

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 14.45.27

Miscellaneous tips:

– Not recommended to “over-plan” it, and many of the activities above are usually not recommended for a first date, although if she’s relatively prepared during the suggested quick-coffee-first-date… and the vibe feels great…  you can suggest the activity on the spot and bounce locations to continue the fun!

– Sound out early if the girl is “open” to certain activities, or she may end up rejecting it and spoiling the mood on the date itself. During the first coffee quick date, just suggest silly stuff you guys can do in future (also known as projecting a future second date that’s going to be fun in her mind, making her more likely to want to see you again! – most guys fail to do this part)

– Do “prep” the girl for the date as well… or she might show up in high heels for your Extreme-Snowboarding Date in the Tibet Mountains.

– Have genuine & interesting stories of your own life to share in between activities, or during normal conversation, etc

Worth repeating: Do not be an el cheapo, but if you have to pay for anything, find fun ways to make her “trade” for it. She has to invest in return or risk turning her into a “spoilt brat who demands and feels entitled”.

– Give her a reward system to play along to. Tell her each time she does something well or shows positive enthusiasm/ results from an activity, you will give her a star. 10 stars and you’ll buy her a Happy Meal as a reward at McDonald’s! Take away half a star if she disappoints you!


asian dating game choose difficulty

Dating a girl… or where to go on a date in Singapore does not have to be expensive, mundane, boring nor limiting. It’s entirely up to the guy (YOU!) to be creative and give her the ultimate fun-emotion experience she will only get by hanging out with you.

All the above “ninja dating tricks” will 100% guarantee + chop + stamp a super fun & emotion-rich experience that she will never forget in her life… all associated with you!

She could have 125 other clueless guys throw expensive dates and gifts on her all the time.. but you’re fun and different, remember?

I hope you guys have gotten value from this post where to go dating in Singapore!

This gives you the idea how to “fish”, so you can apply these principles to any location that you intend to have a date at.


teach a man to fish

If you still encounter problems and have burning questions to ask, whether it’s how to create chemistry, how to ask for a date, finding girls to meet, things to say to get her attracted to you… or 101 other pieces of the dating puzzle you can’t figure out on your own… feel free to get in touch with us for free coaching at our meet-ups every weekend!

Do share this article with your friends if you find genuine value from it. I appreciate you for that!

Rooting for you!

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